Meet the transitions head on!

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Any transition  (transitions) is always difficult. We experience it so often on so many fronts. Each of us dread it and want to be in our comfort zone. Only a few of us are courageous enough to court transition wholeheartedly or even go out of the way and embrace it happily to achieve some out of the box goals.  Read Also...It's the push and pull, babe

As one season changes   (transitions) to another ,we have a transition period where our body takes time to readjust to change and we experience weakness and loss in immunity. In the same way ,at each big milestone in our life we experience a sea change . That reflects in the way we look at ourselves and also the way society looks at us. This transitional stage is a big playground for the hormones which create mood swings as the hormones dip and surge. Again this happens till our soul and body accept the change.The transition from a baby to a toddler, from a school boy to a youth, from middle age to old age is a learning phase. The more aware you become of the slow but sure changes within and without ,the stronger you emerge from each transitional phase. Change is the only constant, so nothing is constant.
Neither happiness  (transitions)  nor sorrow. But as we recover from the recesses of sorrow we experience a transient phase. It shows us a light at the end of the dark tunnel. That light gives us hope and guides us to become stronger and reach near it . Relationships too undergo transitions. They mature and mellow. We never register how a toddler holding the hands of his mother transitions into a mature man giving support to his mother. In the same way ,we never can point out a particular moment when a husband and wife turn into true friends. The perennially quarreling brother and sister become understanding and adjusting siblings. The daughter- in -law and mother- in -law constantly at loggerheads move towards sufferable co- existence.  Read Also...Praghucha- Business never dies
We may have to leave our native  (transitions) place and go to an altogether new place to earn our bread and butter. We may not like that. Again this transitional phase is agonizing. But as we overcome our fears and learn to be positive we realize that we are learning a new language, culture, customs and meeting new interesting people. So the same transition which had been envisioned to be a plethora of problems proves to a boon in actuality. An institution or an organization undergoes change as an important person superannuates or the leadership changes or some sudden governmental regulations are brought in. The transition period sets in, where everybody resists the change but finally as they adjust to the change every other thing falls back in place. It sadly underlines the truth that nothing or nobody is indispensable. The transition sets in the moment a big change says ready, steady, go. We may wait in the shadows for sometime but finally we are forced to throw ourselves to the harshness of the scorching sun. And that is the key. Not to wait! Not to brood about transitions or change. But use that transitional phase as a learning phase to charge our batteries for further transitions. So transition to transition we go on. So don't dread the transitions but meet them head on with grit and determination and the medal is sure to be yours.  Read Also...What does the Emotional Quotient really means?

Dr Suchita Marathe

Dr Suchita Marathe
Professor in English
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