Ratwa: Book Review

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After going for motivation, now let's roam in (wildlife) wild-forest. a world whrein the bird-watchers, animal lovers, etc. pour up there animations, their experiences with so ease and flow that it feels as if we are there alongwith them. let's check out about the book...  Read Also...Who Moved my Cheese? : Book Review

Book Review
if you wish to get feel of 3D goggles, without  (wildlife) wearing them...Must read this book...Ratwa, by Maruti Chitampalli, a naturalist, a jewel of Maharashtra. he have written around 19 books detailing about nature, birdsm animals, insects... his interest is in the animals, birds, insects, which are either rare or now much known... In this book. Ratwa, he has written around 16 articles. the names given by him are so catchy say: bats aka flying fox. this name makes it easy to remember the names of the insects and birds, some names like 'Dev-koli' aka god spider.  

Why to Read?
The book is an excellent way to fulfill your wish to go into deep (wildlife)  forests, as only those who are hard-core bird, animal, insect lover you should go for this book... Maruti Chitampalli, helps you to go deep into forests, the dew drops, the 'ratwa' bird who drinks the rock tears... aka dew drops in rock gaps... the detailing about their life, commitments, the colours, how they attract prey, etc. keeps you stuck and do not let you keep off your eyes offtrack.