Face the toxic situation!

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In today's so fast-moving  (  toxicity)  world, we often come across toxic  situations. Sometimes it’s from our circumstances or from people we are having around us. Most of us must have faced or are facing the most toxic situation at our workplace, isn’t it? And as it’s our work we do not want to fall into any mess with any colleague. We think that we are not here for these things to do. We are looking forward to our growth. We often think that, if we fall for this, it will become a barrier for us to move ahead! Even more, many people don’t know how to face such a situation just because they might have some inner fear. ‘Termination’ is the most highly rated fear among employees!

Fear is something that stops people (toxicity) from not doing what they are supposed to do! It may have happened to many of us that any xyz colleague or colleagues created any toxic situation in front of us. Or they said something very rude that we could not digest. But we refused to reply just to avoid a mess which may lead to us losing our job! We fear that if we reply to them in the same way it may affect our position, hard work, reputation, etc and we could lose our job too. We stick to our ethics of not replying. It's, maybe, not in our blood. We call it a culture as well! But it's not like that. We are restricting ourselves to face that toxic situation just because of our self-created fear. Don't you think so?
While talking about 'culture'  (toxicity) we forget that it's our culture that taught us to face the toxic situation. In Dwapar yug, we know that Mahabharat had happened. During the beginning of the great war between Dharma and Adharma, Arjun the great put down his bow and arrow and refused to fight against his friends, family, and known members. He knew that those all were against him and other Pandavas. Kaurawas had created many worst situations for them in the last 14 years. Everything Kauravas did was injustice and Adharma. But Arjuna said to Shri Krishna that he can not fight, because his ethics and culture do not allow him to do this. Arjuna got demotivated. On this Shri Krishna guided, and motivated Arjuna and the world through Bhagwatgeeta. In a very simple way, Shri Krishna taught Arjuna that he is right. But if he won't face this situation, it will spread more and for long years. If you know that it's Adharma or the wrong way or a toxic situation then you have to face it and change it. If you can understand, and smell the toxic situation then it's only you who can change it too! Running away from these situations is not the right way. It will create more problems for you and others. Get up and fight back. There is nothing wrong with it at all. Facing a toxic situation and making a good change for a better future is Dharma. After this teaching, we all know what happened in what we call the Mahabharata!
 So learning from this, we must face every (toxicity) situation in our life. Bhagwatgeeta is nothing but a motivation for all of us which teaches us that many situations will come while living your life. Whether in personal life or professional one. The best way to get out of the toxic situation is to face it. Once you start facing many toxic situations in your daily life you will only be able to find the best solution to overcome it. No other will come to help you out. It's only you who could make a difference. So face the Toxic situation and make a good difference for yourself!
All the best.