And the story continues…

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Research and innovation, bang on! That's the most important (Innovation and research) thing in demand ,today. Each product wants to compete with the other and present something innovative. We have utensil washing soaps putting everything under the sun like lemon, ginger etc to make our utensils 'Super clean' . So clean ,that they can even make our mirrors redundant!. Then ,we have toothpaste in a number of flavors.  On getting up ,we have a lot of choices to clean our 32 teeth. ( nobody has that many nowadays and many are artificial implants too) Sometimes, the aftertaste of these flavors sadly changes the taste of that indispensable cup of morning tea.

To talk of tea, we have innovations here too !! Each tea (Innovation and research) brand assures us to keep the doctor miles away. If we are not using 'chakki ka pisa hua aata' then,we can become a superhuman being as this particular industry with its ready-made flour packed with energy in each particle of atta is ready to pump our muscles with immeasurable strength so that we can floor any person with confidence. Just be cautious in which oil we are cooking our precious meals. Here again there are magical oils which can obliterate our unwanted food calories and give us an opportunity to gobble fried snacks. There are imported oils too which can burn our pockets but give us the satisfaction of consuming the healthiest and lightest brand which can allow us to jump and dance at any age. Moisturizing lotions, bathing soaps, lathering shampoos, hair serums all are racing with each other for innovations. And mind you, all these innovations underline that they are adding some magic potion which is 'hatke' and which can make us young, energetic, competitive and full of energy and vitality. And who doesn't want that? So ,we stand gullible to their enticing games.
What a confusion it creates in us, consumers (Innovation and research) . As if this was not enough, now we have wise people on Facebook ( sent by dear God) to give us solutions to any malady: mental or physical. Sometimes, we wonder from where do they get this supreme confidence? I think not even God would have the confidence to tell us that our chronic myopia would be gone in a week by doing some eye exercises or eating for a week some right food in the right combination soaked overnight and eaten on an empty stomach.
They even give us advice on activating our gray cells (however ,dormant they had been) by just rubbing our finger tips.The next moment we unknowingly start rubbing our fingertips making our family members wonder at this sudden onset of nervousness in our demeanor. We are hypnotized by these endless train of troubleshooters as they tell us in an authoritative tone that this truth had been hidden from us by some evil forces and today this messiah is setting you free to live a happy life with his Nirvanic knowledge. We just hear of some new malady(God is innovative too) and that very day,we can see a flood of people on social media telling us in didactic tones that what fools we have been that we were unaware of this simple exercise or home remedy to overcome that! They advise, motivate, sensitize and make impossible things appear possible. They announce that we can lose weight, bring back our youthfulness, grow long hair , achieve glowing skin .
They motivate  (Innovation and research)  us on how to remain fresh and healthy. The moment we hear them , we are charged with such conflicting emotions. Our sane mind residing in us tells us that this is a trap to sell their products or win cheap publicity. But our illogical mind?? It believes! We are after all human beings and prone to err as the proverb says. So sooner or later, we fall prey to the satanic temptations and as Eve ate the forbidden fruit, we unknowingly order the product online. With a guilty mind , we receive the product and after using it for sometime without getting the promised results ,we curse ourselves for getting deceived. But that doesn't make us wise. Why?? Because the rosy dreams which these ladies and gentlemen had shown to us in their sugar coated voice, convincing tone, mesmerizing and emphatic reasoning would not have allowed us to be at peace without the ownership of that product. So,we may sleep today promising ourselves to not buy any utopian dreams but next day we end up either buying the elusive dream or shaking some of our body part in exercise for that elusive immortality! And the story continues… .

Dr Suchita Marathe

Dr Suchita Marathe
Professor in English
Smt. Binzani Mahila Mahavidyalaya
Mob no:- 8830388110