About the Goddess of Nourishment !

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(shakambari devi)"shakambhari devi ?? who is this goddess? Ma" Supriya to her mother. "come I will tell you" Sunaina told her daughter. they both had woken up early, set up puja, mong halwa was kept in bhog and Durga-saptashati stotra was narrated by them 108 times.  

supriya always  (shakambari devi) liked to understand the stories and logic behind them. "So, yes, the story goes like this, in Skanda Purana, while Goddess Laxmi, Parvati were deep in meditation, the reporter of Gods, Narada. he bowed down to them both, " hey Goddess Laxmi, goddess Parvati ." they both opened their eyes and accepted his bow. 'yes, Bramhakumar, tell us, how can we help you?" Narada trying to avoid tension on his face," o goddess Parvati, you guessed it right. I was hovering around north India when, I saw some houses on fire, people were screaming and crying, then I saw a demon, he was laughing and crushing the farms, strangely he was onlyruining those who are food-producers' goddess parvati smiled and looked at Goddess Laxmi, she nodded back.
'we were waiting for  (shakambari devi) you to give us this feedback, now do not let this news to anyone. we will see to this' and then they both began meditating and then after 3 months, their energies collided and then at the field, where the demon was killing people, the demon, Durgamasur, he went near a girl, she was sitting in a lotus pose, it was a no man's land where she was sitting, Durgamasur, went and held her and as soon as he was going to kill her by banging her on earth. and then....a big light came across from that girl, he could not open his eyes. and then....
WHOOSSHHHH!!!  'hey!! who's this ?? what is (shakambari devi) going on ??? what the...' the energy got into shape as other demons also saw awestruck... the shape took the form of a women, with crown, and four hands... and then the energy got reflected... those with bad intentions become weak and those weak but good at heart become satiated... 
Durgamasur become confused...what's happening...and then the face revealed..." whooooo!!  how was the face?? " sunaina bowed down as tears came in her eyes... " she was goddess shakambhari...Shaka means vegetable, fruits, roots, pulses, grains....and bhari means holder or heldwith ...she is also known as shatakshi....shat means 100 aksha means eyes... the story of this form goes like... when entire universe got dried up she alongwith goddess kushmanda co-ordinated to rejuvinate the universe... she held up all the water in her eyes and let it flow to the dried up ponds wherein plants grew and goddess kushmanda (believed to be the daughter of bramha- who helped in creation) sowed the seeds. " "wow! this is so beautiful!! then what happened to the other story?" supriya not trying to leave a bit of the story "haha...my sweet little girl...sure, then shakambhari came into being, the place where she sat became a hole, she took out a bow and striked the arrow there, with the help of goddess ganga, the water came into being, then the shakas, aka vegetables, fruits, held it and began growing...meanwhile, durgamasur, tried to strike her from back, upon knowing this, she took the form of rotten food, fruits, vegetables and held him by his legs... the mud took the form of  swamp and he began drowning...she save him but, because of the destruction and inhumanity she cursed him to become rocks, who are without nourishment, dry " "wow mother...I have heard about all types of incarnation stories of warfare, but a goddess of nourishment is something which leads to think upon...how our nature is being made...how beautiful and thoughtful it is" they both bowed down to goddess. "the goddess now resides in Saharanpur, uttar pradesh