Soul: Movie Review

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Now, another interesting movie (bourne identity) to ponder upon...upon our identity, why we are here, what the purpose? what if we didn't had any...what if it got lost... yes, the next movie is about our Soul purpose...let's see the plot. Read Also...IT : Movie review

The Plot
A jazz musician, Joe gardener, (bourne identity) stuck in a mediocre job, finally gets his big break. he practices very hard to be part of his favorite musician, but in the excitement he lands up into the Great Beyond...a place were all souls, go  after accomplishing soul purpose of current life and prepare for the next life, when he realises he had to fulfill his dreams, he accidently steps into the Great Before, a place where we get our life's purpose the purpose for which we would live our life, fulfill our dreams. may it be family, sports, business, etc. there their are Counsellors called 'jerry' who are combinations of multiple universes, multi-dimensional form who take care of the infants and help them find their soul purpose and to understand them, they are being numbered and record is kept with Terry. interestingly jerry and terry can take any form.
Number 22, is a soul (bourne identity)  who wishes to live in there as he feels life is hell on earth, but while helping Joe, he finds his soul purpose which was to live a life.With the help of joe, 22 gets to earth.  
Concepts wonderfully explained
Some concepts like :
LOST SOULS - when we are engrossed to achieve  (bourne identity)  something, we run after money, pride, position, we lose the purpose and roam as lost souls. 
TRANCE - when we are engrossed into something (bourne identity) which we are unaware of time, place, dimension, we are in this zone, we go into a phase whrein we reach a level which is parallel to meditative state of mind. 
PURPOSE OF LIFE - live for a (bourne identity) purpose, without purpose life is nothing, worthless. if you don't have, find one. 
 LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST-  if we keep on complaining about petty (bourne identity) issues, life will be a hell but instead, if we live life to the fullest, enjoy the highs and lows, it will be worth living.
 A must watch movie!
must do thingsevery day when you sleep, revise how many times have you hurt (bourne identity)  your loved ones, procastinated tasks, took yourself for granted.  if hurt say sorry, if postponed, promise yourself to complete it to the earliest. say thank you for another day. be loyal with yourself.