IT : Movie review

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After having reviewed (fear) for folklore, friends, psychology, emotions, animation, food, beach, I pondered upon a horror movie.  there are a lot of horror movies out there, but I pondered upon IT... yes, the movie name is IT... A beautiful movie to ponder upon... let's go for its plot!  Read Also...NightCrawler: Movie Review

The Plotoctober 1988, In Derry Maine, Seven losers,  (fear) bullied kids who are forced to go through their worst fears in the form of Pennywise, a dancing clown. He is a shape-shifting clown, who gets powerful by your fear...and weeks later, they are confronted by their worst fears and phobias and IT, the dancing clown takes shapes of the fears which affect them by day every other child goes missing and these seven eka members of losers club takes oath to come up again and fight IT. 27 YEARS later, IT returns and these seven gather again to come together and owe there promise. 
Both the movies are adaptation of IT  (fear) book by Stephen King. Mike who lives in Derry Maine,  calls them up and informs them that IT has returned...the seven losers come together and decide to face IT, it is very intersting to watch how they defeat there worst fears in the form of IT,  the story of pennywise, a person forced as do job as a clown and children make fun of him and bully him, he commits suicide and owes to make such children who are weak at heart. the more they are fearful, the more powerful IT becomes. 27 years later,  they go for an ancient trick to defeat IT.  IT reveals its original form, andthey dig deep into the well where IT lives, where they come across all the missing kids.   "how it feels when no one is afraid is compared to how we feel if we are not acknowledged as human being."   Andy Muschietti has very well directed and Gary Daubman has written excellent screenplay. the emotional intelligence of Mike, Bill keeps the club alive, whereas the fear of stanley, eddie, beverly, keeps audience stuck up to the story, it is interesting to see how our deepest fears feed on our most cherished things in, how we feel about a particular thing is being caught by our fear, and how it haunts us is must to watch. how a clown when turned worst can bring spine chilling goosebumps to you is excellent. they confront there fears and it weakens IT.  this movie is not for weak hearted as there is blood and disgusting, flighty things around to keep it a lively look.  as IT withers off, as an audience you get a feeling of conquering your own fears. Kudos to entire movie team!!