Adopting the Pace of Nature !

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Melghat Study Tour - Part 2 
We left Nagpur at 12 midnight  (melghat tour) accompanied by the 150 students. Students were vibrant with a mood of enjoyment. They were ready to burn midnight oil for singing, dancing and other activities related to fun. That spoiled our night's sleep. But we had no complaint about it because we too shared the joy of students. We reached at Chikhaldara in the morning. Our whole body was stiffened due to the static journey and eyes were reddened due to the sleepless night. We expected to be served with a strong tea to bring back to our normal routine. But to our disappointment, everywhere we were offered with a sapless, watery & sweet tea. Being a Nagpurian, without a cup of strong tea, is beyond imagination. We started our day hopelessly.  Read Also...Even snakes are afraid of snakes !

In the extreme cold month of December (melghat tour) the razor sharp sun had burned us to the level of nervousness. So the Nagpur Chikhaldara journey was not as pleasant as expected. I felt our study tour will be bumped entirely, since it is said that will began is half done. But this saying was proved wrong due to the out of the box step taken by our junior college teacher Shri Prashant Bhure. He had kick started our study tour in real sense. His decision to visit Forest Training Institute, instead of visiting the famous points of Chikhaldara as Panchbol, Bhima Kunda, sunrise, sunset etc. was fantabulous. This exclusive visit demonstrated to be the track towards Melghat forest. The principal of the college Dr. Behade had unfolded manifold layers of research in Spider's life.
Entering into the forest and enjoying (melghat tour) its fresh beauty, we always refreshed the with the feelings:
When your heart is hurting
your soul needs healing
When something feels
or just need a place to
The forest awaits
Come home. Be healed.
Till the time we were tired, but this (melghat tour)  Juvenile marvel of jungle has jungle had energized all of us. This craggy and rocky land made us buoyant life butterfly. We toddled eight kilometers up and down without getting exhausted. Guide, accompanying to us was not guiding like a typical guide, 'now see left', 'now see right', 'now see ahead'. He was informing us in a conversational form without creating any fuss. Here we met a tiny animal spider with which we were introduced in Chikhaldara's Forest Training Institute, we were wonderstruck seeing the geometrically constructed spider web and its many unknown mysterious & scietific truth.

Dr. Seema Deshpande

Dr. Seema Deshpande
Ph. D. English Literature
National playerin Kho-Kho & Athletics
Headmistress in Vidarbha Buniyadi High school & Jr. College