GulabJaam: Movie Review

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 -A Delicacy cherished
 since it is winter, we think of making  (indian cuisine) delicious cuisines, and that too sweets, i was wondering if i could get a movie about one such cuisine, and yes, there was. lets savour our taste buds!!  Read Also...Exorcism of Emily Rose: Movie Review

The Plot
Aditya (Siddharth Chandekar), an NRI (indian cuisine) banker, lies to his family about going back to London for the job, but instead goes to Pune to learn traditional vegetarian Marathi cooking from Radha (Sonali Kulkarni). Even though very rude and stubborn at the beginning, Radha opens up to Aditya as the movie progresses. Radha teaches him various aspects of cooking like shopping for vegetables, cleaning utensils etc. Together they start a service called 'Dial-A-Chef' where they go to people's house and cook them a meal. Aditya is still conflicted about whether to tell his family about his plans to start a restaurant and his passion for food, when he is confronted by his fiancée, who wants him to continue being a banker. It is later revealed that Radha had been in coma for 11 years and cooking is all she remembers. She likes to befriend him, as Aditya is the only friend she has made... when aditya decides to go for america, radha feels alone again, but, Aditya's letter makes her realise the true meaning of friendship, as Aditya goes to America to establish his own restaurant, and she rediscovers her life in the form of a a school friend, who later proposes her for marriage.  Read Also...KANTARA: Mystical Forests - Movie Review
Indian traditional way to make delicacies
In the movie, Radha makes every  (indian cuisine) delicacy without measurements, whereas Aditya being an NRI banker, is always calculative, so the sweetness is accompanied by a bit salty kitty fights between them both, as radha helps him realise the true way to make delicacies is by putting heart to the delicacy, and with the salty texture accompanied by a fiery crunch, makes their friendship sweet. Director Sachin Kudalkar, and writer tejas modak has provided a good blend of traditional puran poli with western sizzlers! and it is very good to watch Radha cook any delicacy with an ease, and that is how our ajji's and mother's used to cook the food so they make puran poli with so fineness and speed.  it is lovely to watch them make 'suralichi' vadi...and how they go to people's place in their functions to make and serve food in traditional way, the cutni aka green chilli paste, 'thecha' what is called in maharashtrians, the stone crushers, what were used in blending and crushing coriander, garlic, ginger, chilli to make it sizzling thecha an how every puran poli is evenly stuffed, and how the garnishing is not the only important element in cooking is explained. They not only make, garnish food but also, dress up in a way, as they are part of the celebrations.   Read Also...Baywatch: Movie Review

Legacy taken forward
Aditya, takes the legacy (indian cuisine)  forward and gets established as an individual restaurant, he blends the traditional ingredients with the western touch, for example in the last scene it is shown that he serves 'varan bhaat' aka dal rice, but with some sauces added to it, taking care that, originality is cherished and modernity takes it to next level. and the uniqueness is that, he has kept the restaurant, whidh has look of westernisation but from inside the kitchen, it has all the traditional cutlery alongwith the modern one, how the cuisines were made. and the most interesting part is the view, his journey through the wallpaper of the restaurant.   Read Also...Monsters.Inc: Movie Review
 this movie is also added to the must watch list. so, if you have not watched it yet... get going and watch it, it will make you nostalgic, help you cherish memories of your grandmother and great grandmother.  Read Also...Atrangi Re: Movie Review