Nous reviendrons... this is a lesson!

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Sports is something where we can connect (FIFA World cup) ourselves very easily. Every person is playing or had played at least one sport in his/her life. India Is a country where sports, specially cricket, treat as a religion. Similarly, the world will find huge numbers of fans and players of football as well, as compared to other sports, in the India. Very recently we all were celebrating the festival of football, that is FIFA World Cup. We witnessed to few shocking and thrilling games where unexpected results came out of the matches. Big teams failed to win! Whereas small countries and players rejoiced their biggest win, first time ever in FIFA, over popular ones. That’s what the FIFA is all about, isn’t it?

In today’s fast-forwarding (FIFA World cup) world, we all keep searching for day to day motivation to keep moving forward. Numbers of things, activities, moments, people, etc. could be the reason to demotivate us in very short period. Many of us have seen/faced the things where they put all their best efforts to get the best result out of particular work, but failed to get the expected result. To perform the particular task, which has been assigned to them, at their particular work place, the man has given his/her best but at the end all the efforts goes waste. Who ever have experienced this must know the feeling after that particular failure. It’s quite painful, isn’t it? Also, sometimes it takes long time to come out of that feeling which directly affects our other work and life as well.
 As we are talking about (FIFA World cup) FIFA, the world witnessed the most exciting, rip-roaring, dramatic, fascinating final match between Argentina and France. More than a match between two teams or nation, it was almost a battel between two world’s great football players, Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé! The match ends on very expected and unexpected turning point. After the hat trick goals made by none other than Kylian Mbappé himself, the score of the match goes equal led to penalty shoot out! This is not so often but what more can you expected than this one at FIFA world cup final. Both the teams had put all their best efforts to win the most prestigious title in the football history. Holding a world cup winning gold trophy is as same as wondering over a seventh cloud! And for that they were actually fighting. But it’s a game and someone has to win someone has to lose. At the end it’s Messi’s Argentina who successfully scores 4 penalty shootout goals and saved 2 resulting Argentina 4 and France 2!
It’s Argentina (FIFA World cup) who lifts the world cup after 36 years! Congratulations to the team. But what we can learn from this? The answer is, a strong will of ‘coming back again’. Today we all are living in social media world and twitter is a platform where trends and news get change minute by minute. Everyone is free to express their thoughts, sayings, or anything they want. The result was joyful for Messi but heartbroken for Kylian Mbappé. He was badly disappointed and it was clearly seen by his body language while presentation ceremony. It was the pain he was going through as same as ours to get fail in tasks after putting all the efforts into it. But on very next day he twitted, “Nous reviendrons.” Which means, “We will return.” Nous reviendrons, is the lesson to learn. We must make our will power so strong to convince ourselves as well as to others, if needed, that we will be back. Failures are part of life! And strong will power of returning back must be our motivation over the disappointment. It was not just a tweet from him. It is a message to the world that they will fight back soon! We all need to learn from it that we must get up again once we fail to do any task. Failure is a certificate that we tried. It’s ok if we could not able to make it this time. But this thing must not affect/ stop ourselves to come back again. So, if you are reading this article after your any kind of failure, then tell yourself, “I’ll return.” All the best to Kylian Mbappé and to you too!