flight bouncers/ stewards to deal with rowdy passengers !

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- Nandu andhare
I think it is time that Airlines (Airline bouncers) thought of recruiting a special breed of trained in flight bouncers cum stewards ,who will assist lady crew to serve food and beverages in flight and also deal with roudy passengers and keep them under check.
The very sight of the muscular (Airline bouncers) he man, asking polite questions, will help tame some of the ill-tempered, tipsy passengers. DGCA must also seek Aviation ministers approval to deal with head strong Politicians,even to de-plane them, politely. Even the policy of serving unlimited alcohol to Business class passengers needs to be reconsidered. Pilots must be empowered to deplane DRUNK VVIPS, be it MP, MLA or Top Business, Executives, citing flying hazards. Its High time, Government takes serious measures.