Traffic Jam !

Traffic Jam along with its positives and negatives.

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( Traffic Jam ) Sanjay lives in the vicinity of Ganpati Temple. Though he is not atheist, he does not allow himself to pass the from the road confronted to Ganpati Temple on Sankashti Chaturthi. He chooses another route to reach his office on Chaturthi though it is a long route. ( Traffic Jam )  If on any occasional moment, he is bound to go from that road he gets upset mentally, physically, psychologically etc. He blames to all pedestrians, cyclists, car drivers, auto drivers for the chaotic situation in traffic jam. Sometimes he shouts at them and blames his luck that he has to move from this road.

( Traffic Jam ) It was Tuesday and it was not only Sankshti Chaturthi. but was Angarki Chaturthi, the most pious day for the Ganesha devotees enticing more crowd than mere Angaarki. Sunil could not bypass the Ganesh temple road today since, he was getting ready to attend the felicitation in his honour as a Best Officer. ( Traffic Jam )  There was not any other road to reach at the destination. But today Sunil has not any complaint, no irritation, no botheration about excessive crowd, no blame gaming to his luck; rather he has calculated and managed the extra time he has to invest while reaching to the destination. ( Traffic Jam ) Because he has chosen the road willingly. So there was no room to complaint. He has accepted all the hurdles in the way happily, once he chose the Road.
If you choose anything it will come along with its positives and negatives. ( Traffic Jam ) It would be ridiculous if you expect a rose without its thorns. If you want to ride a cycle there are few issues. If you want to aviate a plane, the issues are greater. If you want to choose merely to live life, you face lesser issues. ( Traffic Jam ) If you choose your potential worthy life, you face greater issues. If you pull one end of the rope, another will be automatically driven. If you get chisseled, then only you can be shaped as the idol to be worshipped. ( Traffic Jam )You can't name the successful men who succeeded without hardships. Reading history is different than making history.
( Traffic Jam ) The story is told of a group of ladies who met together every week to study the Bible. When they got to the book of Malachi in the Old Testament, they came upon the third verse of the third chapter, which says that the Lord “will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver." ( Traffic Jam ) Curious about what this verse was saying about the character of God, one of the women volunteered to find out more about the process of refining silver before their next meeting. So she arranged visit with a local silversmith to go and watch him at work. ( Traffic Jam )  As she watched the silversmith working on a particular ornament, he explained that the only way to purify and refine silver is to hold it in the middle of the fire where the flames are the hottest so that all the impurities are burned away. ( Traffic Jam ) She asked the silversmith if it was important for him to stay there the entire time.
The silversmith told her that he not only had to stay there, he had to keep his eyes on the silver every second, because if it was left in the flames even a moment too long, it would be impaired. ( Traffic Jam ) Intrigued, the woman asked how he knew the exact moment the silver was fully refined. The silversmith smiled knowingly and said “That’s easy. I know it’s refined when I see my image reflected in it.” ( Traffic Jam ) When we feel the heat of the Refiner’s fire throughout our day to day trials and heartaches, what a precious comfort it is to know that our God is still fully in control, His eyes never leave us, and there is purpose in the struggle. ( Traffic Jam ) If you are feeling the heat of life remember that god has his eye on you and will keep watching you until he sees his image in you. ( Traffic Jam ) Life isn't a stove that is burning you but one that is transforming you into a glittering silver.

Dr. Seema Deshpande

Dr. Seema Deshpande
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