Cardiac Arrest and Heart Attack

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 Free Verse
Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest
Heart (Heart ) attack is reminder from almighty God,
Cardiac Arrest is urgent and ultimate call from God!

When a (Heart ) beautiful girl makes you sick,
And it is love at first sight,
That is heart attack .
When the (Heart ) girl shoves you back,
Or that love is lost,
That is cardiac arrest! 
When you can fight (Heart) back,
Or recover from the shock,
That is heart attack.
When you (Heart) can't come out of it,
You get drained into it,
That is cardiac arrest !
Any (Heart) disturbance in life, 
that is heart attack.
Any major set-back,
It is cardiac arrest!
Be ready to accept any (Heart) turbulence,
With dare-devil heart & mind-set