My Santaclaus!!!

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My Santaclaus!!!
There lived a kid named Edin, he lived in a rented house with his (Santaclaus) parents. The owner lived upstairs, Mr. Stevin... Edin had a good bond with Mr.Stevin. Edin used to Celebrate Christmas clothes... santa, gifts and chocolates... and from his childhood he was fond of christmas so he used to wait for Chritsmas to come,for Santaclaus, for Raindeers ..whenever bells used to rang he used to feel santa has come and he used to run for window to see santa... but finding no-one he used to get sad... Uncle Stevin was tall, 5-6 feet, he used to feel bad for Edin.. So he decided to dress as a santa. so, every 25th and Surprise Edin with a gift.. He didn't even tell about this to Edin's parents...And Edin used to feel real santaclaus has come to meet him and he used to feel delighted with his presence. Read Also...Treasured Moments !

Once it happened so that, Edin and his parents went for outing in India, it was winter here in America so they decided to go to India in northern (Santaclaus) parts. It was a tour of 3-4 months... Edin's father worked in Paper Agency as a reporter, Edin's father kept it as a habit to know and understand the world, current affairs that are. He used to talk about it infront of Edin purposefully so that, he too develop a taste in it. Edin's mother used to feel good that atleast the current affairs will be heard by Edin, with time he would love to understand it too.
Edin used to be busy in his lone play- toys, (Santaclaus) talking with them, considering them as a family... and yes, with Mr. Stevin... he used to feel Mr. Stevin like his grandpa.. so, he used to love to cherish it with them.
Now, that Edin was going to go out for some 2-3 months he was going to get bored... as Mr. Stevin won't be there. Mr. Stevin caressed Edin and said it will be ok, as he will be returning in 2-3 months.. He cried for sometime then he agreed. and So, Edin and his parents went for India... they enjoyed their vacation and decided to come back, during their vacation they went to Northen parts of India. where Edin's Aunt used to live ... Edin didn't enjoy as he was missing Mr. Stevin a lot. So, he was trying to ask his father to make a call with Mr. Stevin and once Edin's father called up Mr. Stevin when Edin was not at all listening to anyone. Mr. Stevin Convinced him that, it is ok... You are all going to come back in some days. Edin felt good after talking with Mr. Stevin.
Those 2-3 months (Santaclaus) were tedious for Edin's parents. as, he was crying and sobbing in between the tour as he was missing Mr.Stevin so much, but as he had talked with him hence he was excited to share the vacation memories with him.. and then they reached America, he ran upstairs to meet Mr. Stevin, but he was not there....he became upset, "Father, Mr. Stevin promised me he will come in these two days??? its just one day to christmas...." " Eddy, he promised you, so he will come. keep patience" later during night, Edin's mother was taking with Edin's father, "Honey, How is Eddy now?" "he is good now, in Morning he was upset but now I talked with him, he is convinced that Mr.Stevin is going to come in these two days" "What???? but how can he?" "what do you mean??" (whispers) 'come closer, so that eddy should not listen' 'ok' "Mr.Stevin died of cardiac arrest, its been 2 days now" " what...." 'shussshhh'' 'oh yes, sorry, but how did you know?' 'His daughter who lives in Los Angeles callled me up to ask about Edin, he said Mr.Stevin waited for Edin, the day he talked with Edin on phone he died that night in sleep.' "oh poor Edin' 'yes, honey but what to do?' ' OK, let it be, let us not tell him now, we will tell him after 2 days... let us not ruin his excitement' ' Done' they both turned and saw Edin standing there... "hey Eddie, what are you doing here?" Eddy stood still, not knowing what to say. Edin's mother covered up," He means, why are you up till now??? is everything ok sweetie?" "Hmmmm. I was missing Mr. Stevin" "Ohh Eddy, its ok...he promised so he will come, right?? " "Yes, Mother" Edin's mother carressed him, kissed his chubby cheeks and said good night to him. Read Also...A gift is not material but Outlook !
And next day, The christmas (Santaclaus) Eve came, Edin was very excited today as he was going to meet Santa...he kept new socks ready to keep under his pillow, he helped mother to decorate Christmas tree, Edin's parents were with mixed feelings for Eddy. but, they both decided not to reveal anything before Edin.
And Christmas (Santaclaus) Night, mid-night came when Santaclaus comes and gives gifts to children.... Edin was so excited that he even didn't have his dinner properly...and clock ticked 12!! Edin took his blanket, acted as asleep. with his socks below his pillow.... his heart beating fast....his Door opened, edin closed his eyes tight, not to open ruin the moment... bell sound heard mildly, footsteps heard... footsteps coming towards Edin's bed, his pillow felt a hand taking the socks, socks getting filled with chocolates...and then the footsteps returned back to the door, bell rang midly and door was shut, Edin woke up with a smile and looked at the socks,which were full and over-flowing with chocolates and came running down to Chiristmas tree and saw gifts, one photo framed of Mr.Stevin and Edin which he had sketched roughly for Mr. Stevin was there... He hugged the drawing.....and he went to parents bedroom  and hugged his mother tight and sobbed.. "mother....Santaclaus came as promised" Edin's mother took sometime to come back to senses.." Sweetie what are you saying?" Read Also...Three Bears and A Girl

Edin's father smiled carressed Eddy,  (Santaclaus) Edin hugged him too and went running back to his room ...Edin's mother looked puzzled . Edin's father said only one sentence and Edin's mother understood everything," Somethings are beyond our logic....some relations are beyond time" they both sobbed softly 'Mr. Stevin kept his promise'  'Eddy's wish got fulfilled' Both looked at each other and said in unison," He knew Mr. Stevin is his Santaclaus" "let us keep it a secret that Mr. Stevin is no more" tears rolling down their cheeks as they Saw Edin running, dancing in rejoice.