Evasion is the worst strategy to feel free

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Evasion is the worst strategy to feel free
"Oh, no! disgusting! (Stupidity) This Bhim is mere trouble for me" , my self-talk was loud. "Yes madam, did you say anything to me?", a greengrocer asked me with his eyes twinkling with his curious smile.
"No, not to you" my reply. "Both Bhim and Varsha have shooted me with deep arrows of inconvenience", I ruminated loudly. "Madam are they your children", veggies seller asked. "Who" reluctantly I muttered.
"Bhim and Varsha?" seeing my sulk face he whispered weakly. "Oh my God, Bhaiya, how can Bhim and Varsha be my children?" an absurd question by me !!!  Read Also...Increase Your Productivity at Work!

Veggies Seller (Stupidity) gave me bizarre look, hence, I had to explain him, "Bhim is not my son, it's a Bhim app for online money transaction and Varsha is not my daughter, it's a rain, understood", my voice was raised in irritation.Veggies seller considered me to be a whimsical woman and lost in his own work. It appeared as a grrengroccer A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer. ... These two phenomenon Bhim and Varsha had sparked a riot in my life since last fifteen days. The rain was brutely lashing the city since a month and commuters were troubled with. I, on the bike, covered in a raincoat and my purse under raincoat, was performing my duties of purchasing, marketing after my office. It is very tough in such a weather to carry the money for transaction since it is in the purse & to take it out from the hidden treasure is a tedious job. So I preferred online transaction but my Bhim app was since 15 days, showing a message frequently "Your transaction is failed. Use valid phone number." 

I waited for 15 days to get it corrected, but without success. So I went to the union back of India where I hold account. The clerks in the bank indifferently reacted to my query, "Why such kind of message appear?" I requested the clerk, to see my account and tell me what is the problem? "Madam, it must be Bhim app's problem, it's not our's" the clerk replied without looking at me. "How do you know it's Bhim's problem, you haven't yet checked my account", I asked. I felt that wisdom cannot be imparted. Wisdom that a wise man attempts to impart always sounds like foolishness to someone else ...the banker. Then the man reluctantly opened my account and replied, "Madam the number you have shown, is not valid number, another number is entered here!!!"
"How is it possible! I know my number and I know my registered number." I uttered very calmly. (Stupidity) "See madam see, which is this number?" he fingered at phone number. "No it's not mine", I tried to control my voice. "It's your's mam" he tried to fix my phone number. Now I was little bit irritated and asked him, "How do you know it's mine, I have two phone numbers but neither of them is this!". "Madam I think you are headmaster and you are having many School accounts on this number, a same phone number cannot hold many account", the clerk replied, "so give another phone number for your personal account." "How it is possible !!.. I have registered it everywhere, for Adhaar Card, for Pan card, for election card, I have no time to run here and there for your silly mistake why should I pay for your mess? ", I grumbled.  Read Also....Mindful Breathing Meditation !

"Madam, you have not to run anywhere. You can do all these things online. It's very easy", he preached me.
"No it's not easy for me. I am not so much techno-prone," now my temper started losing." Madam you are so well educated and you don't know, it is not rocket science, illiterate man can also do this", his another sermon.
"I won't do this. First tell me how did this phone number enter in my account? Whose number is this?", my anger exploded. "It must be your's another number", dry reply. "No it's not mine, who's number is this, tell me just now whose number is this?
That man had no answer of how did the number was entered there. So he was trying to (Stupidity) safeguard himself and reacted, " You change your number, madam you are responsible for this. You gave the personal number for the school accounts. No person does such a foolish activity!!" arrogant remark of the clerk.
"I know many headmasters who have a single number only and their accounts are smoothly going on. There is no rupture, no problem and the former HM of my school also had a single phone number only.", I proved my point but that clerk was not ready to listen me and his other colleagues also supported his opinion as they wear chips of the same block. Read Also...Turn those notifications OFF!
Consecutive two days I visited Bank (Stupidity) to meet manager madam but she was out of station. Finally the day came when I can meet the manager and she regretted for the inconvenience. I told her I wanted to send the money to my son but couldn't since the problem of phone number. She was so cooperative to tell me, "Madam I will send the money to your son, give me his phone number." No madam he do not manage by himself somehow for time being, but now I want to be corrected that phone number and the tone, attitude, negligence indifference of the staff." Madam called the clerk in the cabin and I asked him, "if you want your customer must be trained about financial transaction with bank, you should train them before sanctioning there account in the bank. You people visited the schools and convinced us to open the account in your bank. So it is now your duty to take the orientation class of the Headmasters of each school and remove that illiteracy in banking transaction."
Madam ordered him, "To remove whatever the fault(Stupidity) is there and let her transaction be started since today's evening without fail." She called for a form filled it by herself and took sign from me and from the very day my account started to run without any hurdle. It does mean that it was grave folly of the clerk who entered some wrong number there and blamed me as illiterate. He felt that he is embarked on a journey of revenge to me, but forgot he has dug two graves.

This was not a single (Stupidity) incident it happened former also when I was appointed as the HM in the school. My account was updated in the bank, keeping my official and personal number same. Transaction started smoothly, but on a one fine morning my check was rejected as the signature was not matching. So I reached to the bank and asked for sample signature to show and they showed me the the signature which belonged to the former headmaster. He was male and his photograph was also updated in front of my female name.
How ridiculous lethargy in the work for which we are paid!! Stupidity combined with arrogance and a huge ego will get such a worthless people a long way. It should be remembered always, "Evasion is the worst strategy to feel free."

Dr. Seema Deshpande

Dr. Seema Deshpande
Ph. D. English Literature
National playerin Kho-Kho & Athletics
Headmistress in Vidarbha Buniyadi High school & Jr. College