Want a loving Mother???....then children Introspect

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Want a loving Mother???...then children Introspect 
The other day, I was seeing this Facebook post on the concept of (Mother) motherhood in our heart, our efforts to be like that and the end result- a total contrast. The post was divided into two parts. In the idealist image ,a loving mother was picturised who has enough patience to understand her children and in the portion below, the reality was projected where the mother is spitting fire from her eyes, ears, nose and mouth and looks a total tyrant .Drowned in her utopian pursuit of weaning away her children ( read property) from vagabond inclinations of materialistic pursuits and addiction to a brat unduly called smartphone, she easily loses her sheen of loving grace. Read Also...The fantastic world of serials!


I myself have experienced this discrepancy within me. Every night , I promise myself to be a gentle  (Mother) mother. I imagine myself to elevate and transform into that mother who is the epitome of patience and who is ready to go to any extent and make any sacrifice for her children. Those sleeping children melt the heart of every mother. Then the sun rises. You wake up and you expect your children to wake up too at a respectable time! You feel that the lecture you had given to them along with their dinner as a pickle substitute should have created some stirring in their heart. That stirring must have reached their brains and they might have decided to change. You look at the wall Clock and your sleeping children. You still hope for God's benevolence. You finish some of your chores. Then again you are reminded that your progenies have still not left their beds— let alone sitting for their due study time. You visit their bedroom. The previous night ,these children had appeared as sleeping angels and you had switched off the lights with moist eyes and a heavy heart for being angry with them. But now the same children look like sleeping devils who are hell bent on breaking your resolve of not becoming a ferocious tigress.

( angry Mother) (Mother) You leave the room and meditate to not become angry. You again finish some more chores. Now as the cooker releases its pressure to cook your rice, you too feel all the urgency in the world to let go of your resolve of being a loving mother and take your rudra avataar. Now ,no God can come to your rescue. Suddenly the mukhawata of a loving mother evaporates and the real 'you' takes its place. Finally, in your elements now , you release all the pent up pressure. You rush to the bedroom and switch off their fans and pull down their sheets. Read Also...Just keep me where the light is...!

The innocent (Mother) sleeping children who had hoped that maybe, this time their mother's resolve of becoming a loving mother would be conserved -had expected too much. They have seen their mother transform from a momentary benign goddess to the avenging Durga many times. So, now they know that their mother is going to start lecturing them on the same points which are fully memorised and even lisped and mimicked by them silently behind their angrily shaking mother. Read Also...Safe Motherhood


The agonies of a working (Mother) mother are further multiplied. She has to balance her own career and her own expectations of being a mother. And here she comes across many frustrating moments when the challenges of her workplace leave her little time to be with her children. These frustrations when untimely vented out lead to further skirmishes. An empathetic approach on both sides can be helpful. Read Also... Magical Almirah !

This story is repeated in every household. I think this metamorphosis from a loving to a ferocious  (Mother) mother can be stopped if children really love their mother and change their behaviour. Children should understand the physical and mental stress of motherhood . It is a sad reality of our society that only a mother is squarely blamed if a child does not succeed in life. So ,naturally a mother has to become a villain to shape the career of her children.

So, it is upto the children to help their (Mother)mother to carry on her resolve through their much needed cooperation. If they love their mothers they will cooperate and help their mothers fulfill her long desired wish of remaining a loving mother for the whole day without losing patience. So dear children, if you want a loving mother forever, introspect and change. I hope my children are reading this!!

Dr Suchita Marathe

Dr Suchita Marathe
Professor in English
Smt. Binzani Mahila Mahavidyalaya
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