Three Bears and A Girl

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Three Bears and a Girl
(three Bears) Once upon a time, there lived a bear family, they all lived in a wooden house, it was a Sesame wood house which was of Gum-boot shape, The papa Bear used to go for making shoes, and Mama Bear was an excelent cook ,she was good at making cakies, pastries, custards.... she was famous in her bear colony.

There lived human civilization nearby, and in there lived a girl, in her pre-teens... she loved wandering, exploring world .. her parents always have to go in search for her. Her father was a tailor and mother assisted him in his work. they lived in a small house, and their daughter had to share room with her mother.. the girl used to love to listen to stories, she used to remain day-dreaming and imagining about big buglows, beautifully crafted crockery sets, utensils, the sleek shapes, big rooms, cupboards, almirahs, wonderful and long gowns and her mother used to bring her back to reality whenever she used to have her supper. Read also....Go on Tour !
"Eli, dear why do you get lost (three Bears)  everytime you have your supper? " "Mother, I love to dream about big, things , wooden things , when will we have our own independent rooms???? " her mother stood still after listening to this, sweet little innocent actually bringing her back to reality.
Eli's father came from work. "what happened honey? you seemed worried, did Eli get lost again?" Eli's father asked with care. "Nothing, i am worried for her innocent questions of which I have no answer" "What did she ask?" "She expressed her will to go into independent life.... " " she has taken up from her genes dear " Eli's mother smiled in concern. Eli's father too believed in having their own house, they were living on rent. Eli's father was struggling hard to complete his dreams. Read Also...Restorative Yoga !

Next morning, Eli woke up in the morning, her father had promised her to take her in the woods.... she was also fond of nature, greenery, (three Bears) woods, birds, animals, pure bright sun-light...
As promised they went in the woods, her father decided to stay till mid-afternoon and then leave back for home... Eli's mother given bread and butter for them. once reached inside the woods, Eli was walking mesmerised, awestruck by the beauty of nature... they went inside a tree-house fo their breakfast, but Eli was satiated by the beauty and sereness of nature. she was so curious to explore more that, she didn't had her breakfast properly and she didn't led her father to do his.. the Forest area officer was Eli's father's childhood friend, Mr.Woods... and so, they went inside.. and the birds chirped in a melody, they seem to sing in a particular discipline and rythm, this grabbed attention of Eli. As they went more inside the woods, there they go across some wooden houses, they were of different shapes, some were of Golden fish, some were circular, some rectangular, etc it seemed so unreal.
" Mr (three Bears) Woods, please can we stay a bit longer...I promise only for some more time ..." Mr. Woods gave up before Eli's Innocence..Eli and her father was allowed to remain for some 10 minutes... The area was safe, so her father let her wander... she was so happy that she was dancing and singing and celebreting every second....

She was exploring every leaf, birds and she went a bit away from her..... and she opened a house.... ohhh what a house.... it had a kitchen, a dining room with three chairs, of different size, with three diffrent bowls of different sizes... she went upstairs, there were three bedrooms, she felt as a dream! she have never seen such a house, gum-boot shaped house.... so, Eli went before a Big door.... it was of the biggest, most important family member's room, eveything was blue, blue clothes, bed, etc. everything seemed so big.... the height of the door, bed, almirah's were even taller than her father... she then decided to sleep on the bed, but she could on unfold the bedsheet as it was heavy, and the bed was hard to sleep... she decided to explore another room. another room was a bit smaller to earlier room, everything was pink, the clothes, bed, aprons, hair bands, she understood it must be of a lady..she again thought to sleep .... the bed was soft but too big and bedsheet was also big so she decided to explore the third room ... it was of her height, it was colorful.... the bed,clothes, of her size she then got hungry.... she decided to eat first and then sleep.. she went down-stairs. freshly prepared almond custard was made, she decided to take the smallest bowl and spoon and the custard was hot and delicious so ate it happily and went to the smallest room and slept... Read Also..The Fox & the Stork
Mamma and Pappa Bear came from home, they went to their rooms and saw everything so untidy... they went to kid (three Bears) bears room they saw the kid sleeping, mamma bear caresed the kid and went in their room... Eli understood that the owner of the house is back.. she went outside the window she saw three bears of diferent height and shape meeting each-other she got afraid and ran so fast that she did not know where she is running, she hid near a bush. she saw the three bears going in that house again... she heavied a sigh of relief.
Eli's father was worried for her when she approached him... she went with all the memories to home but she was thinking about the(three Bears) bears, the diffrent shape rooms, bowls, and he custard..... meanwhile the bears scolded the kid bear for untidiness of the rooms.... but the kid was outside playing... the Mamma Bear went in kitchen and saw a bit of custard eaten up, she confronted the kid but he defended as he was not home.... they began to think... it means someone else came in her house, everything is in place so, it cannot be robbers, only the almond custard is being eaten up and the beds are being unfolded... that means some kid came in....
so they decided to see for footprints, they seemed of a girl, human- girl... Pappa father acknowldged immediately as he was a cobbler, he knew every shoe made by him, they decided to catch the kid red-handed to understand her purpose of coming to there home... whereas Eli was all mes-merised she tried to convince her father to take her everyday to woods... and so, it was decided that they will go in the woods every week... wowwww.... thought Eli...Almond Custard!!! cozy and she began to count everyday, how many days remaining for weekend..
And she went in the (three Bears) woods with her father, she went inside the bear house, the gum-boat house... she saw a fourth chair, on table Almond custard was kept...She felt hungry and she began to eat it, and then the three bears came infront of her.. she got scared , she thought it is end of her... Mama Bear caressed her, " Don't panic dear... we are not going to hurt you.. we know you didn't came to hurt us, you did disturb our home, beds.. you didn't take anything else" Eli looked awestruck " yes, dear I can read minds...  I know you do not have wrong intentions like some other humans.. and that is why we live in remote areas"  "You are very good at heart.. but I am sorry i didn't decide to purposefully disturb your house.. I am Sorry, don't eat me" Tears flowing and rolling over her face.. Mamma bear caressed her, held her softly. Eli felt relaxed. 
(three Bears) And so, Eli began to come every weekend and visit them, they used to prepare special almond custard for her. they arranged for fourth chair and fourth bowl for her. 
Moral of the Story: Innocence and love wins hearts, we need to accept people as they are. Acceptance helps in connectivity.