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Beautiful Spots to Visit!!
 Ladies Special For those who love travelling.. who could not move out due to corona pandemic, but now when Corona is going to back-end.. people are again thinking to go out to travel.. travelling is a way to talk to yourself, it is a way to explore yourself... a Traveller is one who is in traveling ,the day he/she takes birth... it is a travel from mother's womb to new world to explore new world.. then we get acknowledged with new people, make new friends, understand new things... to understand and explore ourselves.. Read Also..Always ready for a click!
Ladies Special Travelling is meeting me again.. travelling seems second home...for them we have come up with some cool destinations to hang-out is a myth that travelling is connected to men....especially when it comes to travelling alone. because when it comes to women question comes to security... it is said that women fear to travel at night....they prefer safe places, known places or travel with family, friends...
Trying for solo travel???
Ladies Special good news ladies... we have come up with some really cool places where you can hang out with...are you ready to visit some....bag-pack and get ready.

1. Leh-Ladakh
Ladies Special In india, Zanskar valley in Leh-Ladakh is famous for its beauty. this valley is worldly famous for its caves and convents. it is being covered by ice for 9 months, People come to visit here for its beauty, as it gets enhanced in these 9 months. Tourists enjoy river rafting and treking in this valley. it is really mesmerising to be part of this valley. Tourists say that they become one with the beauty, scenery. This valley is famous for its beauty, high mountains, pure water and serene atmosphere around. It is best for travelling alone.

Ladies Special This tourist location in India is in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, a small hill station. There are various valleys, ice mountains, beautiful sceneries to hang-out with ladies special trip, a great spot to take photographs.

Ladies Special According to, Ministry of Women and Child Development and Plan India, Goa is said to be the safest place to travel for women. it is better if you experience it by yourself. Goa is famous for its freeness, freedom of culture, men-women equality. get-togethers and adventure sports are main attractions in Goa. a must visit.

4. Munnar
Ladies Special The tourist spot in India wherein, people can get to view tea gardens, greenery, beautiful scenery. It is also famous or treking... spice gardens... get enriched by the spice culture of india.

Ladies Special Meghalaya is a women empowered state. Here it is observed that women saleamen, vendors are there. Women are most respected , they are independent. Here Many Rock bands performers are there. Shillong is famous for its grenery and Rock Bands... Western music has variety in its own, may it be hip-hop, moon-walk, etc and also Rock Band they have their own style, way of Music. Read also....what are the benefits of travelling..

6. Pudducherry
Ladies Special most famous tourist destination pudducherry, it was under Colonisation of France. The city is designed as per French style cities and colonies. Women can enjoy the outing here.

7. Guwahati
Ladies Special This place is famous for its religiosity. Kamakhya Mata Mandir. This City is situated at the banks of Bramhaputra River. Here you can experience their vibrance of North and East cultures. Assam State Museum, Artificial constellation. This place is famous for various temples.

8. Jaipur
Ladies Special Pink City , Jaipur yet another tourist spot. It is famous for Air Palace, Water Palace, City Palace, Aamer Fort, Jantar-Mantar, Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Birla Mandir, Galtaji, Govinddevji temple, Fort Ganesh Temple, Sanghiji Jain Temple. a lot of places to visit.
9. Udaipur
Rajasthan is famous for its Adventure and vibrocity in Culture. May it be Jwellery, dance, clothing . Rajasthan is a life-style in itself. Beautiful Fountains, Palaces. the Rajputana Attire . Mostly foreign tourists are mesmerised by its culture. It is famous for shopping.