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time management skills may do the things

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Break Free
( time management skills ) "I would lose weight for my New Year’s resolution, but I hate losing", this is the funny contradiction of self resolution. Sometimes we don't understand, such kind of delaying the resolution makes life stressful & pandemonious. ( time management skills )  This was not Reshma's first time missing a train and have a late mark with harsh & insulting words of the boss. There have been multiple times she felt like time was not really on her side, mostly when she would end up being late in dealing with things and people that were precious to her.
( time management skills )  An unfortunate and challenging situation that quickly appeared in her life about being late is her brother’s untimely death. She did have regrets about being a little late with many things that she wanted to do with him and for him and things she could have done for her brother before his early but certain death of cancer. ( time management skills )  Reshma's repentance is meaningless anyhow since she forgot if what has to be done has to anyhow be done eventually then why not to do it today and save this useless thinking and stress delivered out from grief.
Despite the best intentions, we wait for new year to start a new habit or to give up an addiction; ( time management skills ) The majority give up on their resolutions within one to six weeks of starting, and many of these resolutions are repeated year after year.  ( time management skills ) Why wait for the new year? Rabbit lost the race because he waits for tortoise to come near and tortoise won the race since he didn't stop to wait.
( time management skills )  Fools and wise may do the same things but at different times wise when do it at once and fools do it at last we understand the importance of Health and Fitness but postpone or efforts in that direction. ( time management skills )  We should not prove Oscar Wilde's thought on news year's good resolutions true, "Good resolutions are simply checks that men draw on a bank where they have no account." ( time management skills )  Life will not postpone our death so let us not postpone our life.

Dr. Seema Deshpande

Dr. Seema Deshpande
Ph. D. English Literature
National playerin Kho-Kho & Athletics
Headmistress in Vidarbha Buniyadi High school & Jr. College