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( love life ) an essential one is to love life

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Break Free
( love life ) It was foggy morning and the coldest day of the December. Maria planned to go for a long drive with her two friends to celebrate the success of Maria's admission in MD surgery and she was gifted a new Lamborghini by her mother which Maria has been longing for. ( love life ) Maria's mom was passionate driver, she likes to move around in the each corner of the city, country and abroad by driving herself. ( love life ) Just opposite to mom, her father hates driving, he never ever wheeled the car. ( love life ) In absence of a regular driver mom and Maria were his driver.

( love life ) Mother wished that Maria shouldn't go today due to the forecast of the day. But she didn't say anything. Father opposed strongly to Maria's plan. But maria and her friend assured father, not to worry about their safety since they will drive safely. They had chosen a good playlist of the songs to enjoy their drive. They were getting the feel of Paradise as there was foggy Road through with the blowing cold breeze and the songs along. But now due to the excessive fog, visibility became low and the car was hit by a massive truck and it went out of control.Their car also got hit into the rocks on the side of the road and turned upside down. But they all three were wonderfully escaped from any serious injury. The car was totally damaged. Maria felt sorry that this new brand Lamborghini just presented by mother has been damaged beyond repair.
Maria rang her mother, tear rolling down her cheeks, and told about "accident." ( love life ) Mother calmly replied, "Be quiet, don't cry dear. Please remember it is you that I love and not the car. Loving you." They are the fortunate people who have understood that they should be loving people and using things and not loving things and using people. ( love life ) Scratch on our valuable assets make our blood pressure go up, our heartbeats race rapidly. ( love life ) But we are unable to see a scratch in our heart. I have seen a woman who has left her royal house after her husband's death & started to live in an ordinary flat. Because she suffered a lot after her husband's madness of fortifying their house to protect it from the burglary. ( love life ) Avarice of collecting more and more wealth and fear of being burgled made him BP patient and finally at the age of 52 he died of severe heart attack.
( love life ) Our journey of vehicles start from three wheeled cycle. When it is damaged, we cry. Then we upgrade ourselves to the two wheeled cycle. When it is damaged, we wept. Then we are gifted two wheeler. When it's don't work properly, we get depressed. ( love life ) Then we bought a car for ourselves and take it's care more than our life. We don't want to see any scratch on it. If it is, mines of our tension went up. It seems that the toys are grown up for which we cry, but we haven't. ( love life ) The toys to be used not you. Buy toys and give them their rightful place. They are just there to be useful to you, to make you comfortable. ( love life ) So everyone should remember Leo Tolstoy, s words, "The most difficult thing but an essential one is to love life, to love it even while on suffers, because Life is All !

Dr. Seema Deshpande

Dr. Seema Deshpande
Ph. D. English Literature
National playerin Kho-Kho & Athletics
Headmistress in Vidarbha Buniyadi High school & Jr. College