My Magical Almirah !

almirah four racks at right, four at left side

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Break Free
- Dr. Seema Deshpande
Reading the words My almirah, you might have thought, what a lady she is!! She emphasised the words My almirah as she is the only woman in the world who has almirah ! No, I am not that special woman with special almirah.. it is very ordinary one... four racks at right and four at left side.. There is only one reserved for my husband & rest seven racks are overflooded with my clothes. My garments keep scorning at husband's well disciplined clothes which have shrinked themselves in limited space. Now tell me.. whose closet is this? 

So.. that almirah is a kind of wooden cupboard having the sliding door. But now there have been something wrong with the doors as it started to make cracking sound, so carpenter was called to repair the door. He examined the problem to ask me, "Madam, you have to vacate downmost rack as it will fascilitate to repair the main sliding door." As per the carpenter's call I removed the sarees from bottommost right rack which have been only used on special functions.... OMG...I have just stuffed bundles of sarees there. I have forgotten some of them! Some are overused but yet intact in shine, now ready to discard off!! Some are not used at all... New Brand... Since I have celebrated 26th wedding anniversary recently, numberless sarees are collected in heaps. Yet, when I have to attend some marriages or functions, I always complaint to my hubby ... I haven't suffucient sarees... now what should I wear..? He just sees at me helplessly.. Haa... Haa... Isn't it humorous??
All the sarees were being pulled outside one by one just like the ants were being stormed out of their colonies.
My thought process was broken with a call of carpenter, ''one more bottommost left rack to be emptied". I was indeed unwilling to do it, but there was no way I'd bottle out. I took out all the rest of sarees, dresses, blouses, party gowns, I was still amused with this treasury rarely used !
"Madam one more is to be vacated", Oh gosh, It was rather hard lines for me, but I have to listen him till the storm passes. Some ornamental jewellery and gift items were stuffed there. Oooh... how many items..necklaces, earrings, jewellery set, bangles, bracelets, anclets, rings..., some were sparkling new items, but I don't like them, so kept to get rid of them for presenting to someone as a gift ! The matching purses for dresses and sarees... which I never found when I needed them and carry on with the daily one....
One by one I have to evacuate four racks: including sweaters-shawls: of daily use, functional use, home use.!!! Yoga suit (which I used for only a week), sports shoes for walking (I always avoided to go for walk), pairs of socks, scarfs, handkerchief etc ! Some dresses and blouses were kept in secretly, in a hope if I get reduced in size, will be utilised. "Madm work is finished", the carpenter said. I felt relieved... only four racks were de-escalated... and there was roomful of clutter. If I had to vacate all... what a chaos would have been.!!
I was, & the carpenter might have, surprised that how was such large amount of stuff maneuvered in such tiny place.!!! I used to keep on the things... in expectation of their future use.. But when the time comes I can never locate it's location.My sister advised me, "You won't be able to really see what needs sorting until you get rid of the true trash. So you don't feel overwhelmed while getting them off. Once you remove all these then only you can buy new one. " Yes-Yes, I agrred with her advice since it showed me a path to buy new lot...