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Nagpur also referred to as the queen of Satpura

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Nagpur ... Planning to have some hangout with friends! Long weekend or a day out... We are here with few touristplaces, you are going to visit.
1. Ajanta and Ellora caves
( Nagpur ) Ajanta and Ellora caves of Aurangabad are very popular places to visit near Nagpur and now a UNESCO world heritage site. these caves are famous for its rock cut sculptures. The 30 rock-cut caves of Ajanta built in the 2nd century are basically masterpiece of Buddhist religious art which later influenced Indian artists and indian culture. The paintings on the caves depict lives and rebirths of the Buddha inspired from the ''Jatakamala'' along with other Buddhist deities. The jaw-dropping Ellora caves will keep you spellbound! it is the largest rock-cut monastery temple cave complex in the world featuring Hindu, Jain and Buddhist philosophies.

Distance from Nagpur: 412km, which takes approximately 9 hours by road.
Attractions nearby: Ajanta Caves, Kailasanatha temple, Buddhist caves, Ellora Caves, Grishneshwar temple, Jain caves and Aurangabad cave
Pachmarhi, also referred to as the queen of Satpura in Hoshangabad district stands tall with all its glory adorned with several waterfalls, caves from the Buddhist era and tons of history tucked within. The tallest hill station in the list of UNESCO Biosphere for its rich flora and fauna. Story goes that, 5 Pandavas of Mahabharata had stayed in the caves of Pachmarhi during their exile.

Distance from Nagpur: 227km via Chhindwara road and takes approximately 2 hours to reach.
Attractions Nearby: Rajat prapat waterfalls, Pandava caves, Jatashankar caves, Dhoopgarh, Satpura National park, Hando Kho, Chota Mahadeo, Churches and Chauragarh temple
3. Lonar lake
Lonar lake is believed to have taken shape from a crater formed 50,000 years ago due to the collision of a meteorite. This enthralling beautiful lake is 6000 feet wide and 500 feet deep. It is an important site for scientific research and educational importance. The only saltwater lake on the basaltic rock in the world looks majestic! Especially during the monsoon season, it is surrounded by greenery. Nestled between dainty hills all over!! Lonar Lake looks like a priceless green jade with natural abundance which is extraordinary.

Distance from Nagpur: 350km and takes 7 hours to reach.
Attractions Nearby: Lonar Lake, Gomukh temple, Kamalja temple, Shankar Ganesh temple and Daitya Sudan temple
4. Bhedaghat
The enchanting marble rocks alongside the Narmada, creates magic specially on nights, where the entire area gets dramatic with its natural beauty and flawless surrounding. Bhedaghat has stood the testimony of time and archaeologists have found Dinosaur eggs in several ghats. A boat ride on the serene Narmada surrounded by white marble rocks takes us to another world full of tranquility. The 10th-century temple of goddess Durga at the Chaunsath Yogini Temple adds to its mystic beauty.

Distance from Nagpur: 280 km via NH34 and NH44 and takes a little more than 2.5 hours to reach.
Attractions Nearby: Marble rocks, Chaunsath Yogini Temple, Banda Kudni and Dhuandhar Falls.
5. Ramtek
The holy town of Ramtek.. Story goes that Lord Ram stayed at this plac alongwith Laxman and Sita.. hence it got named "Ramtek" Thus making it a pilgrimage places to visit near Nagpur. The Vakatakas are said to have reigned this place during the 2nd to the 4th century, thus the town is adorned with several edifices and beautiful structure of relevance. Ramtek is thus a destination of choice for both history lovers and pilgrims making it a hotspot. Ramtek is dotted with hillocks, breathtaking lakes and temples done up in Hemadpanthi architecture.

Distance from Nagpur: 56km via NH44 and takes a little above 1hour to reach.
Attractions Nearby: Ram-Laxman temple, Kapur Bawli, Shantinath Atishaya Khestra, Ram Temple, Khindsi lake, Ramtek Dham, Sur river and Kamthikhairy Dam.