Importance of Repentance

Nowruz in Agiary Repentance is Way to help yourself

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Break Free  
Repentance meaning to regret what is bad, what is wrong within you, and revive it with changes that help you overcome. ( Nowruz in Agiary ) "Ria is such a spoilt brat... I tell you bhaiyya, she studied in a different school she is a new admission to our school,she said...some High school". Mousmi was venting out her frustration infront of her bhaiyya-Sukesh. "Bhaiyya, She makes friends with those who are rich, she tried to ignore me as we belong to a middle class family". Mousmi and her family belonged to a Middle class family, Sukesh preparing for MBA. Their Mother an Home-maker, father a businessmen in Shares. Mousmi Was studying in 8th Standard. ( Nowruz in Agiary )

( Nowruz in Agiary ) Sukesh tried to explain her," Mousmi, sissy chill Ria is a newbie you said so why are you so bothered?" Mousmi thoughtfully, " hmmm you are right bhai but, she is trying to make groups, Neetu told me today in lunch break." Mousmi, a child in well brought up family. ( Nowruz in Agiary ) She never liked anyone doing show-off. Her Mother came from another room, " Mousami, Beta, we should never judge people..." before she could complete her sentence. Mousmi left for school, without taking breakfast.
When in school, she vent out about what happened at home to Neetu her classmate, benchmate and with a fresh mind began to concentrate to studies. Next day, teacher announced reshuffle!( Nowruz in Agiary )  Mousmi prayed that, Ria should never sit wit her, she should get ill, or be absent tomorrow. But.....Ria came to school next day and to Mousmi's fate in the bench reshuffling Ria was to sit with her. ( Nowruz in Agiary )
( Nowruz in Agiary ) Mousmi decided to keep mum, never share a thing about her to Ria. She decided to talk only when required. ( Nowruz in Agiary ) It was last second of that shuffling, Ria came late. Mousmi could see something was bad. but, she thought maybe Ria is doing this purposefully to get her attention, so she made her comfortable - only as a formality. Next day, benches got reshuffled, Ria came late. ( Nowruz in Agiary ) Mousmi heaved a sigh of relief. In lunch time Neetu, Went to her brother's class for some notes her brother was studying in another section.
Taking that time as an advantage, Ria came and sat besides Mousmi, Mousmi came in class stood still... she saw, Ria besides her and Neetu's bag kept on another bench.Mousmi ignored. ( Nowruz in Agiary ) But this got repeated for 4 more days. Mousmi decided to complain about this to class teacher. Ria agreed but 2 days later when Neetu was absent due to fever. Ria sat besides Mousmi. Mousmi fumed... next day she decided to tell this to her class teacher. ( Nowruz in Agiary ) Next day, Mousmi came well prepared about on points she was going to talk. Mousmi felt bad for Ria when she spoke her heart but she told herself maybe Ria is over-reacting. ( Nowruz in Agiary ) Ria came after 2 periods that day.
( Nowruz in Agiary ) It was Science, class teacher's lecture. Mousmi took advantage of the time when teacher was about to leave. Ria was busy in solving her numericals. Mousmi narrated teasing incident when Ria said bad about Neetu, and also when she indirectly teased Mousmi on her clothes they wore during last year School get-together. ( Nowruz in Agiary ) Ria apologised and agreed. It was 2days later that, Ria came on the time when Mousmi used to come to school 10 mins early. Mousmi kept her school bag and turned and..... Ria hug her tight. Mousmi was in confusion that what is happening? ( Nowruz in Agiary ) before she could ask, Ria said sobbing," I am sorry for what i did....I promise I will never do this to you. I will never tease you or anyone"
Mousmi was awestruck. ( Nowruz in Agiary ) Mousmi had no words to say...School teacher told her to be Ria today.Mousmi agreed uninterested, confused..during lunch break Ria asked Mousmi to be with her. Ria and Mousmi decided to walk in the walking area in school playground. Nobody spoke for a minute, Mousmi decided to start as a formality, "So..ahmm, How is everything at home" Ria burst into tears...Mousmi made face that, she is responsible for Ria to Cry, or is she acting?( Nowruz in Agiary )  Mousmi apologised, but Ria stopped her. And Ria Began," When i was kid, I used to see my parents treating people below our standard unequal,but my dada (brother) used to stop them. three of them used to argue about it. and since then we do not have good communication at our home...I decided to agree what parents said just to be in their good books. ( Nowruz in Agiary ) And so I became like that only...Dada used to stop me but i used to ignore him as parents to ignored him... but 2 days ago, he died in an accident.
( Nowruz in Agiary ) We were all going for a picnic and in return he decided to drive. Dada is 20 yrs old, so he decided to try hand on zig-zag roads. all were happy and suddenly on a sharp turn, dada didn't see a fast truck as it was too much of smoke and...our car dashed on a tree...Dada died on spot" Mousmi still confused how to react.. Ria held her hand tight. Ria looked at Mousmi with heavy eyes and lump in throat. ( Nowruz in Agiary ) You must be thinking why I am talking about this with you, because you ressemble similar characters with my Dada... I felt very bad for what I said, teased to you and Neetu, I am sorry Can we be friends?" ( Nowruz in Agiary ) Mousmi stood still the teasing incident flashed before her eyes followed by what happened today...and then she remembered what her mother had told her somedays back. Never judge Anyone, you never Know in what Mindset people are going through...
Mousmi forgave Ria and Ria Forgave herself. ( Nowruz in Agiary ) Repentance is a way to help yourself overcome your unhealthy-self, It is way to change the unhealthy thougths , it is a way to grow and let others grow. ( Nowruz in Agiary ) This Pateti, be the first one to repent, help yourself to revive unhealthy habits, ways to deal with people.