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tv serials they do wear new clothes every day

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( tv serials ) I am really amazed at the dexterity of these characters in these various serials. They are melodramatic. Their life is full of high profile drama.However their houses are always spic and span. They may forget the most important thing - to lock their cupboards or for that matter even their main door but they don't forget to keep a glass of clean and clear drinking water in each and every room in case of emergency. ( tv serials ) They truly envision that they may need to become melodramatic in any corner of their house so the jar of water is easily available to be offered. ( tv serials ) This is what you should learn from them. Your life will send you any bolt from the blue anytime where you may lose previous tears so you need water readily available.


( tv serials ) The other thing I have observed is that they do wear new clothes every day but when they open their cupboards it's superbly arranged and sparsely populated. Their kitchen is another magic land. The utensils and other things are arranged in the same aesthetic pattern everyday. ( tv serials ) They look the same in every shot. So organised. I envy them. Otherwise look at us! It is only when we clean that we arrange the things in proper places. On the next day itself, you will see that things have miraculously interchanged their places and all our order has gone down the drain. ( tv serials ) But the kitchens in these serials are blessed. Their things do not undergo this mischief.

When these characters ( even though middle class) sit down to eat at the dining tables we see state of the art serving bowls. Who cleans them?( tv serials ) We dare not use these precious bowls everyday as we do not trust our Bai's to wash them and return them single piece! Then the people at the table may be any infinite number but the size of the bowls in which the dishes are prepared remains the same. ( tv serials ) Every serial has one super character who is very ideal. She/He does not get angry, is very pious, goes to any lengths to help, does not feel offended. She or he can do anything. They can spring a surprise for not only the audience but their family members too when they suddenly uncover their latent skills in dancing or singing. ( tv serials ) They become the best in any field in spite of having no practice.

( tv serials ) These main characters pass in flying colors in each of their endeavors even though they have done everything under the sun to lose focus.If I meet them , I really want to enroll for a time management course with them. In contrast with their much expected communication skills these characters are masters in miscommunication which gives grist to the mill of story development. ( tv serials ) The protagonists in these serials have supreme faith in humanity and they easily believe any known or unknown person to eventually land in deep deep trouble.

These sufferers do not ask for favors from God for small things. ( tv serials ) It is when they are pushed to the Great Wall of sorrowdom that they confront God and tell him that they had done a favour to God by not asking anything from Him and so now it is demanded of God that he should dissolve their misery. ( tv serials ) And lo! A miracle happens and even a patient who was in a coma not only opens his eyes but resumes his routine the next day. The bruises and injuries may be very severe but what medicines they use God knows , they are cured with not even a scar left behind! ( tv serials ) So much for the progress of medicinal science in this world of serials.

( tv serials ) Birthdays is one motif used brilliantly. When the story writer feels out of form like Virat Kohli he celebrates somebody's birthday. It is to fill in the blanks till the story writer regains his form and gives impetus to the story. Birthdays can come to the rescue in any miserable situation too to bring a scene of happiness and celebration. They are round the corner whenever needed. ( tv serials ) The speed of the vehicles can be adjusted by the director. In these much loved serials even an auto rickshaw can match the speed of the best SUV. The equation of time and distance covered are at the supreme mercy of the creative director and he uses his creative license generously.

The fusion of head injury and loss of vision or memory is another recurring occurrence. ( tv serials ) The divine intervention to restore lost faculties is a matter of envy for all of us! Of course, we do love these serials and in spite of knowing that it's only fiction, we get engrossed in them. ( tv serials ) We wait eagerly to see the next episode even though we can readily exchange seats with the writer by now as we have done a PhD in industriously watching all the soap operas.

( tv serials ) Some characters get focus, some recede to the background and some are wondrously forgotten as if they never existed. Small children are used as and when required for the current theme and once used they are lost to the innovative turn of events and cannot get entry and we are left wondering whether they have been sent to some orphanage or hostel?? ( tv serials ) As we are about to conclude this, the child makes a comeback!! The world of serials is another plane where the janampatris of the chief characters are full of hurdles and not a single occasion of happiness remains untainted with sorrow.

I always wonder what happens to the food that had been so laboriously prepared when the scene of joy as usual transforms to a vale of bitterness and agony. ( tv serials ) I mean why waste so precious food every time?? The tray full of expensive cups and saucers is insensitively landed on the floor when some breaking news is given. I mean why give such shocks without observing?? And again who cleans the mess? ( tv serials ) All said and done ,we love to visit these mysterious lands .Our monotonous routine is given a much needed relief. A practice of willing suspension of disbelief is all that is needed to enjoy them. Happy viewing!!!

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