Semen and Blood !

Gender Equality Masculine and Feminine power

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Gender Equality !
Remember CID, Crime Patrol or any detective series where forensics play around viscera and Semen...!When blood loss attains a certain amount, the person gradually becomes dead. Spot on the identity of any BEING is known by BLOOD and SEMEN. So, any living human is full of Shiva And Shakti together... inseparables. You can't amount to separate the two. The mixture can't be treated by any means, method to distinguish. Being alive is ShivaShakti within. Hmm...( Gender Equality )
Masculine and Feminine power together. The Genders are conferred according to chromosomal influence. Origin remains the same. ( Gender Equality ) A little or more Masculine power resides in Female and Feminine power resides in Male. They are made complementing each other to satisfy the powers within their bodies...Reproduction is the byproduct of Male Female Confluence. Have You Read This...Shiva on NO DESTINATION JOURNEY
Opposite attracts is the law... here external Male or Female body is just a magnetic field to attract those energies inside. Deluge of this energy storm refresh, revital and rejuvenate the mettle in the tiniest cells... excerpting abundance of superjoy... the joy of oneness... the joy of power... the Supreme joy of explodation. This journey of attaining peace at every factor, those manifest a body I.e. physica, mental and emotional... is the goal of two Genders. ( Gender Equality )
When the the satisfaction quotient of both is same, it triggers the Supreme Level of meditation of both. Though this is outcome of two, individually it is the state of meditation. ( Gender Equality ) Shiva & Shakti are these. No enforcement, no grievances, no devour for next moment is practiced. They are uncautiously cautious about laters esteems. Respecting each other's lives and Virtues is what Gender Equality. Read More Articles by
( Gender Equality ) Neither Shiva nor Shakti put command over each other. Not even for their marital life. Man in him never opined over her and woman in her never opined on him. They were always themselves in each other's company. They were each other's, but without custody. For them, flow of emotions is to nurture, not to fade. They are beholder of themselves, not each other's. Law of attraction had fathered. Have You Read This...Gender Equality...New Thought ! Even if they are physically distant, they are not apart. Ionic bonds between them are so intact that they are tuned to eternity. They are precedent in Gender Equality...!