Treasured Moments !

Beautiful Life Each milestone has a story of its own...

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Free Verse
This beautiful life has so much to unfold...
I treasure each moment, emotions turn gold,
God weaves his own pattern of life...
The mystery unravels with pleasure and strife ! ( Beautiful Life )
Each milestone has a story of its own...
Amazingly conceived plots with distinct seeds sown,
Every relation- a sweet fragrance, a perennial joy...
Sweeps your heart, gives reason to enjoy ! ( Beautiful Life )
This beautiful canvas of life sketches tender hues,
What a marvellous blend of happiness and rues!
Each shade is a valuable gift...
Carefully chosen, meaningful lift ! ( Beautiful Life )
Today when I swim in this ocean of happiness,
Let me wash all the sorrows, tears and stress !
Kindle me with reason and light,
O! God bestow that divine insight !!! ( Beautiful Life )

Dr. Manjushree Sardeshpande

Dr.Manjushree Sardeshpande is a poet, writer, editor and translator. Her poem “Man Fears Man” was prescribed for Std X Maharashtra State Board. She has a unique distinction of preparing textbooks as writer and editor for all stds. She has translated Shri Ranga Hari’s book –Dharma and Sanskriti in English which was well received.