The GenZ Era !

GenZ socializing is, now way easier in this generation

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- Trisha Puthran

As you may, or may not, be aware of the fact that the generation before 1997 was known as ‘Millennials’ and the new generation, that is after 1997, is known as ‘GenZ’. The transition from Millennials to GenZ brought a lot of new perspectives. For example: Changed music taste, new technological innovation, the introduction of ‘Lingo’, which basically means the usage of abbreviations or some new words which are informal. For example: Fit (Outfit): Is it a Cap? (Is it fake?); BRB (Be Right Back); Ik (I know) etc...!
Some people think that GenZ is better than Millennials. It is thought because doing, even the most basic, tasks have become easy. E.g.: Using machines to wash clothes/vessels which had to be washed manually before. Some technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) make people experience different activities, without the hassle of travelling, in the most realistic way possible. On the other hand, as we say everything has a pro and a con. There are many people who prefer millennials’ generation better than GenZ’s. And to my surprise, a high percentage of Millennial lovers, are individuals from GenZ. These people prefer Millennials generation because life was more easy-going then. For example: Less traffic, better environment, more time to spend with friends and families, better music, such reasons make Millennials’ generation more peace.
Remove Watermark Wondershare PDFelement Yet, some people, majorly extroverts, think that socializing is, now, way easier in this generation due to the apps created, e.g.: Omegle. The don’t have to make extra efforts of stepping out of the house every now and then to find new people. A lot of people prefer the new music, which has high amount of beats than lyrics. However, nowadays time flies as quick as lightning. As there was less competition people could relax and live a stress-free life, but now with so much of competition people have to work nearly 50 hours per week to live a dream-life, there may be exceptions.
Now life is more chaotic and hectic! Talking about music, some people prefer Retro music because it is more lively, sensible, calm and way better than the EDMs and Hard Rocks of GenZ. There are, indeed, many people who like GenZ better, but there’s still an incredible amount of people who like Millennials’ generation, while living in GenZ. It all depends on one’s preferences. Nevertheless, no matter what the advantages and disadvantages of each generation, both of them are unique in their own ways. Remove Watermark Wondershare PDFelement