A Fresh Chapter ...

Environment The soothing greenery refreshes us

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Free Verse

- Dr Suchita Marathe

( Environment ) Plants, animals ,humans are part of this ecosystem great,

But selfish insensitive humans will only be left to fume and fret ,

When Mother Earth is eroded by human desire's enormous weight,

It's better, we callous humans realise before it is too late. ( Environment )

Being intelligent makes us guardians of the flora and fauna,

Sadly, caretakers have become cruel exploitersin the arena...( Environment )


( Environment No sound philosophy has proved a panacea for our constant greed ,

'The live and let live' practitioners of animal- plant kingdom should be freed.

The soothing greenery refreshes us all from within, ( Environment )

But thankless, we remain and work to wipe out the green ,

( Environment The delicate balance in nature's loving care is silkenly woven ,

But in our immense pride sensitivity lies brazenly frozen.

We trespass the valuable animal and forest territory , ( Environment )

We encroach and endanger the precious repository...


( Environment The wet and green jungles are replaced by dry concrete,

Our blatant materialism- can we wisely forfeit??

A fervent exploiter is what we are and truly remain, ( Environment )

A perpetual sinner in the self- created unruly domain,

( Environment May God give mankind wisdom to sincerely begin ,

A fresh chapter of benevolence and no Satanly sin...( Environment