A tale of Three Friends !

friends whom to take out while dealing with life-issues

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Once there lived 3 friends!! There names were- Arun, Suresh and Esha, they all were in 2nd year college. They all were good at sports: Arun was best swimmer amongst them, compared to Esha and Suresh. Esha was good in running- she was creative and spontaneous, whereas Suresh was adventurous, he was good at hurdle sports.

Arun was less sensitive amongst them, he used to feel people should learn to take care of themselves, they should not be dependent on anyone. He used to feel that those who demand help are cheaters, bad at heart. Whereas Esha was the person who could connect with people easily. And Suresh was the one who used to think that, if you want to solve any problem, just try out and it will be solved, don’t waste time in thinking.
Once it so happened that, they all were enjoying their college summer holidays, in Shraddhapur. A village in Indore city. when suddenly someone came running to Radha Mausi(Esha’s Mother, she was the women whom everyone went to ask help for , as she would always be the first one to help. Esha’s father was the Sarpanch of the village. He died serving people, 2 years ago. After which Radha Mausi started looking after people in Same way. People used to feel that Esha inherited this quality from her parents.)
Radha Mausi was cleaning floor, it was Shambhu, the reporter of their area. Shambhu was son of ram kaka, the carpenter of their area. Shambhu came so fast that he was panting out of short breath. Mausi gave him water and asked. He was about to tell when Esha, Suresh and Arun came there. Shambhu narrated what he saw, “ Radha Mausi, please come fast. Manu is Drowning in well!!” Esha in astonishment, “ How can she drown in well?? Ma, what is Shambhu saying. Manu us a good swimmer!” Radha Mausi trying to avoid the tensing of her forehead, “Chalo” Esha still in confusion,” Ma, what happened ? Manu is our age she can never commit suicide, I talked to her ½ hour ago then? Her parents are also good” Radha Mausi turned towards Esha, “so what did she say?”
Esha, “she said she is going to clean her clothes ..” Radha Mausi,” and …” Esha got what the problem was,” ohhh shit!!! That means she fell from the corner of the well into it…!!!?!! Sorry ma lets go” ( Esha remembered, that from childhood Manu was afraid of sitting near well, as she fell into when she was 2-3 yrs old and nobody was around) all five of them reached the spot.
Manu was screaming in fear, as she remembered the childhood incident, she felt as if it was happening again… the clothes also were with Manu inside the well. Esha being the spontaneous one, quickly searched for and found a rope a long rope. She began to find for where to tie, when Radha Mausi took it and tied it the strongest tree there. And Then they both looked at Arun for help, but Arun being firm on what he believed he ignored. Then they looked at Suresh and saw no one. Then ‘Splash…!!’ it was Suresh he jumped inside the well to help and after 5-10 mins he asked Esha for help. Esha and Radha Mausi nodded in a way indicating, this is what happens when you go solve a problem without thinking. And so Esha has to go, so she tied the other end to her waist and went inside the well. And then all the villagers pulled them. As Esha had tied the rope to the tree she could come out by holding hands with Suresh and Suresh holding hand of Manu. Manu thanked Esha, everyone clapped for Esha’s brains. Radha Mausi blessed her, hugged her. Eventhough Esha knew less of swimming because of her creativity she always used to help people.
These three personalities are also present inside us:-
ARUN- One who ignores helping others, self-centered.
SURESH- One who is the first one to jump into without thinking whether he/ she would solve the problem.
ESHA- the one, who may not be best in all but is a copylert, spontaneous and good at handling emotions.
It is upto us, whom to take out while dealing with life-issues.