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Apple or Android smartphone industry is currently living on

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(Apple or Android) The 2 A(s) of the century which run almost all of the world of smartphones, Apple and Android. There were more competitors like Symbian OS which failed after entry of these 2 in the market, but the latest update culture makes us wonder, which is the better one. (Apple or Android) To get a good idea and comparison, we will compare the iPhone 13 Pro Max to Samsung S22 Ultra. Let's go point by point...
1. Built quality :
The iPhone weighs around 240gms with front and back gorilla glass in stainless steel frame while the S22 Ultra is 10gms lighter in an aluminum frame. (Apple or Android) Steel can resist much impact than aluminum which gives a good head-start to the iPhone. But if you are looking for a Dual sim phone with premium feel one can definitely go ahead with the S22 Ultra.Seven techtrends you must know
2. Display quality :
Increase Your Productivity at Work! Apple brings the Super Retina display with true color technology which makes the colors very natural and soothing to the eyes with 1200 nits brightness at peak. S22, however have more brighter screen at 1750 nits but when we look at the quality of videos and vividness, iPhone looks way worthy. (Apple or Android)

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3. Operating System :
iOS is built by apple and Android was an open source platform. (Apple or Android) Due to this, apple is able to make changes and upgrades to the OS whenever required and the compatibility of the device is maximum as the device and OS are owned by the same company. Turn those notifications OFF!Security wise Apple is tight, so user can hardly make any changes or received files which are unauthorized by the OS. On the other hand, Android allows its developers to make changes freely, which makes it a bit unsecured for crucial data but good for experimenting and bringing new ideas to life. File sharing is easy compared to iOS.
4. Last crucial, the CAMERA! :
This is the thing on which smartphone industry is currently living on. (Apple or Android) The Camera. I made it sound grand because it is, all the phones you see in the market do their advertisement by displaying their cameras. I won't talk about megapixels as the difference is huge, quality wise I have seen both the cameras performing very well. One can make a complete movie using cameras of these smartphones. (Apple or Android) However, I liked the quality of Apple as the smoothness and lightness of it while shooting is superb, the stabilization is also next level.
There are other points like battery, screentime, etc which are not at all an issue nowadays so I have covered the crucial ones crucially. How critic of me! Hope this helps you in knowing the critical aspects while looking for good OS for your smartphone.(Apple or Android) 
Until then, have a good day!!!

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