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Productivity is consistently on a drop since 2007, the time when the Android smartphone industry started to boom, which is almost more than a decade now. As I told your about why to Turn Off Notifications in my earlier blog post, it got me thinking that there might be a way to use the tech to our advantage. Basically, what we end up doing most of the time is that we scroll or unlock our phone casually just out of habit and queues that have been smartly analyzed and placed by the smartphone industry! Here's my plan of action to make the most of it, even at your workplace where we tend to unlock our phones a lot uselessly.

Google has inbuilt password manager which asks you whether to save your password after logging in a particular website. If you are the sole user of your device, this is highly beneficial. As an iOS user, i also have a feature to view my password only when unlocked by me which is very helpful when privacy is a concern.

Avoid Free applications as much possible 
They say internet is free, but let me change your perspective about that. The currency internet charges to its clients is not money but screen time. The more a prospect is using an application which is for free and flashing ad banners on its page, it is getting high probability of customer acquisition. You should very consciously install only those applications on your device which are very essential This will save you a lot of time as well as help you focus at work. Apps like MS Excel, One Drive, Teams, are all free apps without adds, premium services are however chargeable but it is hardly required.
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Clear Objectives of using the device 
I used to use my phone for almost 6-7 hrs of the day! Damn that took a lot of toll on my day to day activities because that made me feel very lazy, sometimes it even made me skip work. When I realized I immediately started setting boundaries for use of my smartphone. Turn those notifications OFF!First thing, which is very crucial is to have a physical alarm clock which allows you to NOT use your phone 1st thing in the morning after waking up. During office Hours I stay inactive on social media and messengers. I have less distractions and can get the work done and also have time for other creative activities which I will reveal in later posts.
Automate Repeated Process
The autofill feature in google browser not only helps you automate website form fillings but also helps in filling vital information while signing for any apps. You can prefill and save your Full name, Address, Phone Number, Email, Card details and these definitely help in fast forwarding the whole process. Seven techtrends you must know techtrend Automatic Aerial Vehicles and many moreThese are very selectively curated suggestions which will 100% help you in getting good use of the tools you have at your disposal. Let me know if you have any more similar ideas by subscribing to Deserted Desires below...Till then, Ciao!!!!


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