Turn those notifications OFF!

notifications How to deal with this?

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- Tejas Nahatkar
Yes, you read it write but why I am writing about notifications in particular today?  Recently, I have been to a place with family, out of the city when I reached there I found out a very interesting thing which brought me to this topic.

Online has been a ruthless market for everyone as things are evolving (not just changing) every second and soon we will start to buy things which our mind just thought off, I believe it must be happening to you now too. New collaboration on EV solutions Why is this short lived fetish controlling our habits? Did we consciously gave away our control, especially in our country where people used to be strict bargainers, why suddenly everyone started to buy anything on MRP when shopping online?
They are binging on your fear of missing out, marketers call it FOMO. A very common instance, whenever a new REDMI, ONEPLUS phone comes up, they will give you a date and time (very specific) and when you try to checkout you will get a message - NOT IN STOCK. What will happen if you get the same phone a few days later? Nothing! But we all have been so well trained by the online portals that we are bound to think that we will miss out on this if we do not get it NOW!
That magic tool is called NOTIFICATIONS. Seven techtrends you must know A very elegant solution acting like fuel to the FOMO which has been created inside you by these marketers. This is the reason why you crave desserts at late-nights when you know its good for your teeth and gut, why you checkout randomly from an online store when you were just window shopping and why you check how many new likes you got on your insta handle.
How to deal with this?
You need to know what you want from your life. Here is something I can relate to. When I started this blog I have sent the blog link almost to all my near ones and few I have been sparsely in contact with. It took a lot of time to make myself re-remember and understand that the sole purpose of my blog was to reach family, friends and people outside my circle and help them get to their desires. Coming to the point I made a list of things important to me and turned off NOTIFICATIONS from everything else.
How this helped me? Now I am checking insta only after my work for the day and time for family is checked on my list, I go to YouTube when I am done reading some pages, I turned off all the notifications from 23.00-06.00. Turn those unimportant notifications OFF and tell me what changes it brought to your life.