Santa Claus: Traditions kept alive

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"What happened then?  did he (winter series)  die but you said he did what then?"  "Calm down Mary..Calm down" "Oh my god, wow we are actually having a night up!! I always wanted it" (Merry Christmas!! echoes in the background)  "True dear, I am only permitting because its Christmas Eve" Mary hugged Ursula "Love you Mummy, you are the best mom ever!!" "ya sure, and this special 'buttering' offer valid till tonight...huh?" both laughs. "hahaha...yes, shall we continue?" Grandpa intervened. "Oh Yes, Sorry Grandpa.." Ursula leaned to listen to the story. "Its ok dear, so, Nicholas sat there...maybe for some hours, months, years...he grew beard all over his face... his mother tried and got tired of bringing him back to consciousness..but, he was brought back by a soft, saintly voice,' Nich...please come to senses, we need you.' As if mesmerised, Nicholas looked at him, 'father....' he hugged him and burst  into tears, as if the eyes and emotions were awaiting the saintly presence... 'its ok son, let it yourself be free' Nicholas felt good, but then he realised his mother had bigger pain. he felt guilty, as if he only loved his father and not his mother. he hugged him,'Mom, I am sorry, I had become selfish..' 'no son, you were in shock, I was told by doctor but since you were outstation, we did not inform you' 
Both hugged each other, the saint  (winter series) was leaving Nicholas stopped him.' O father, my mind is under stress, i am not able to sink my father's death. can you help me understand how can I overcome this?' The saintly figure smiled heartily and said,' Sure, come with me' he held Nicholas's hand. and took him with him. Nicholas felt a magnetic connection, as if, he knew this saintly touch. and so, the journey began.. this saint told him to sat at ease. whenever his mind wandered he made him to sit still, initially, thoughts of being ir-responsible came in, flooded his mind. in those times, this saint used to sit with him, sometimes holding his hands. Slowly he began, cleaning, decorating the premises.. The priest told him to also go with his hobby, but Nicholas refused. 'let me come out of this first' the guiltiness, began replacing by frustrations, anger, outbursts, and then he felt a strong need to help the poor...he began to remember Eric...his elder brother, tears began flowing from his eyes...'how has he been???' he took permission from the priest and went to to the place, he remembered the house, still in same way, well maintained... he asked for Eric, to a servant, as Nicholas had grown beard, and had worn simple clothes...the servant looked in question mark... ' do you know my master?' 'Oh, so Eric is master of this palace?' 'please wait outside' due to his outfit, the servant didn't tell eric and then during night times, Nicholas sat near bon-fire and began meditating...he looked saintly. A familiar voice made him open his eyes...' Mr. Nicholas!!! the band are you sir?' Eric though unable to be recognised, as he looked similar to his father, he became a bit bulky... 
' Eric? ...Eric!!Hey how  (winter series) are you buddy?'  they both hugged each other. ' I am extremely sorry, my servant didn't inform me about you, please wait let me fire him' he gestured his servant to come. 'Eric...its ok, how can he know me? hey never saw me, and I have grown beard now..i am wondering, you saw me only once, how did you recognise me?' 'the saintly face that you have, it was then as well, a strong need to help others, to motivate them..especially children' ' sound like my father...' both hugged each other. 'come, come to my palace' the palace was same, as it was then, some 6-7 years ago. Eric, then 15, was now a prince to that estate, 22 year old, his Father has become a bit old, though he was handling all the matters, he was involvng Eric in all matters.  And then he took Nicholas, to that room, as Nicholas remembered everything, he got goose bumps and felt a lump in his throat. therein only eric slept, with a portrait of his brother alongwith him, the portrait, made Nicholas realised that, Eric's elder brother died in some days, after Nicholas got his father's letter. 
Nicholas felt a strong (winter series)  need, a need to do the toy making for children, but now as a charity. he went back and asked the priest, he understood the purpose of Nicholas's saying this, he smiled and nodded. he began selling the toys, because of spiritual base, more and more children began to come to him to buy it, he used to organise tours, wherein day by day, month by month, more and more volunteers grew. and they all used to go on selling toys, organising events, music, dances.. but, he used to come back to to birthplace around his father's death anniversary..."  "ohh my god! Pa, I didn't knew this all, this so makes sense!! unlike the fantasy stories of santa carrying sleign and reindeers and distributing all gifts" "hmmm" Mary thinking "what happened dear?" Grandpa asked. "Grandpa...I am trying to understand, how Mr. Nicholas aka Santa Claus would have felt?" "why do you think so?" "Pa.. I too have same question, he was to be called Santa Claus, but he never knew" "one sec, why did he got called to be Santa Claus?" both smiled.
"wait for the story to get  (winter series) completed, you would know it" "All right..then please complete fast" "hohoho, sure dear" thinking a bit "Grandpa, you sounded like santa" "Ok sorry, I went into the role...yes, so, this continued, and people grew, with him, and the Nicholas family grew, after around 20-30 years it got spread all over european countries...and so did Nicholas's meditation...he began to look saintly more and more, Eric, donated his estate for Nicholas and slowly and steadily the groups began helping the poor, needy, with clothes, food alongwith Nicholas grew older, people began calling him, Saint Nicholas" Mary got excited, " i am undertanding, but i want to know it from you" "Sure dear, and then as he grew older and older he handed this to the next generation, and then he devoted more and more time in Meditations...his beard became pure white, face had glow and he began looking a saint...he never married...till he was alive, he did whatever he could  for kids....his mother died peacefully... And then an NGO was formed, which got multiplied... and then his name spread...and it got abbreviated as 'Santa Claus' " "ohhhh!  I knew this...i just thought so Grandpa....Saint Nicholas aka Santa Claus... " "yes, to some as Senterkollass, and after his death, the work continued and the parents of the children, began giving gifts to their children in the name of got fantasied as a fat old man, wearing red clothes, woolen clothes, with white gloves, and leather boots, a big bag full of gifts, and reindeers to a sleign ....and off course a red hat" "Wow!! Grandpa, thank you, its morning now, and i don't feel like i will spread this to as many friends as possible ...the one who helps and loves kids he is not Santa Claus, but he is...." all three in unison "Saint Nicholas"