Santa Claus: The Journey

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"Grandpa, what is the story of Santa?" "please tell me, there will be midnight (winter series) bell and the Christmas Eve will come...please please please.." Marry was insisting her grandpa, Mr. Coldbeard. he was the favourite of all kids , whenever he used to come, he used to come for christmas week and used to go by new year every year! and this time Marry took promise from him that he will only go after christmas eve...yes! she permitted, she knew he will come to him after telling stories to all the kids in that colony.  Read Also...My Santaclaus!!!

"Marry, let Grandpa, have his hot-chocolate dear" her Mother (winter series) came from behind. "No! first story....." she forcefully insisted. "Honey, there is so cold outside!!!" "No.." after thinking a bit," Alright, but then I will too have some share of it, we will have it together" Mrs. Coldbeard kissed and hugged her. "Sure thing" they both sipped hot chocolate, perfectly made, with some creme over it, and some dark coffee beans, sorted, a bit temporarily grinded, "Yumm...Wow mom, you are the world's best mom" "yes true" grandpa carressed his daughter-in-law's face, blessed her. "thank you Marry, thanks PA" "So, yes, did Santa really existed?" Ursula, mary's mother asked Grandpa. "Oh! so much of intellectual crowd here. " "Sure, it is beleived that, Santa aka Nicholas lived in 280 A.D. he belonged to a bit poor family. he loved kids. his father was a toy-maker, but, he used to make traditional toys, whereas Nicholas liked to invent upon. His Father, used to take him, to the fair, where they used to put the stall of toys... Initially everyone liked it. but, as the time passed, people got bored of the traditional toys and one day he became non-famous and Nicholas became more popular... Nicholas's father became sad first but then, he understood and motivated Nicholas," Son, its ok. This public is the most important part of the business, the more you understand this the more you would understand how to market them. "  Read Also...let yourself be free !
Then Nicholas's father handed the business  (winter series) to Nicholas, the company got named "For the kids" then came some same minded people, then some more, then some more... And then they grew with the dancing dolls, soft toys, and then some artists also added to entertain the kids, all kinds of rich children used to come forward and used to get entertained. Nicholas, used to travel with all the musicians, used to eat and sleep and travel and entertain...Wow what a life!!!" "Wow Grandpa, what a life, Now I too wish to become a musician, a hands already feel the rhythm" Mary posed as if a Guitarist. "hahaha, shut up Mary, don't just be so overwhelmed" Mary made face. "Ok, All right ! Mom, Grandpa please Continue.." Read Also...The World full of responsibilities
"Oh Its Ok, Ursula..It's just a child (winter series)  curiosity. So, Yes then something happened in his life which was never being witnessed by him, maybe a life changer." Ursula and Mary leaned forward. "Going back again, Nicholas was talking to his friends, ' Friends, Now we have got enough of money, let's go back to our Hometown' One friend said,' Let's wait we are in this city, we can get more crowd. ' 'All right !' And then they began going for shows, and one afternoon, they were dancing, singing, and then they encountered a boy, a sweet looking boy alongside a rich man, they entertained the kid, he liked it and since the man, was richest they requested Nicholas band to come to there house. And then they went in to their beautiful house, with well crafted chandeilers with hanging lights, sofa and wall colour well co-ordinated, servants to serve for, maids to make things for, house-cleaners, dish washers, all in all a feel of whatever you can imagine as a best house, or a movie feel, with the owner in three piece suit, cigar in his mouth, well cut beard, specs on eyes, oval shaped carved specs, hair well combed and knotted."  Read Also...The Magical Shoemakers !
"Oh Dear! Can I get a hot (winter series) cup of milk with some coffee beans well grinded, and powdered and some sugar cubes, perfectly blended to become one" "Mother stop over-reacting....did you mean a hot cup of coffee?" " Yes please" "one for me as well dear" "Sure, Grandfather" All three of them laughed. Mary made a hot coffee and came back to listen to the story." Hmmm, this blend is just right" poised Ursula, and then she realised "So, Sorry pa, please continue the story" grandpa laughingly,"hahhahaha, its ok dear. so, yes, Like you two, Nicholas and his friends were overwhelmed, Nicholas felt what if he could have taken birth there... and then they saw the boy, they were shocked to see him in torn clothes. he stumbled upon Nicholas, Nicholas asked him, 'What happened to you dear? when we met you, you were in so well neat clothes, and why are you like this?' 'Uncle, come I will show you' He took Nicholas, to his bedroom, there he saw I poor kid lying maybe in his deathbed, he was so skinny, he was not able to stand, sit ,but by the voice of that boy, this weak child would get energised. 'Come closer uncle' he Whispered in Nicholas's ears,' iI am eric, he is my elder brother,  Nic, he is diagonised with blood cancer, we used to go visit places, as we were the richest but then, Brother got diagnosed blood cancer, he always wanted to live like a prince, enjoy street shows but, he believed in being down to earth. so I live his dream, its my promise to him, that I will live his dream, my entire life'  Read Also...The matchstick girl and her wish !
After listening to this, Nicholas could not concentrate (winter series)  on the music, though he managed the show, but, in his mind it was hovering, what eric said...that night he could not sleep, in his dream, he saw, his father, asking for him to return back to his country, Patara, Myra, (now, turkey), his father was happy, though on deathbed, and he was a catholic, he was waiting for Nicholas, but when Nicholas approached he smiled at him, hugged him tight and whispered in his ears,' In life, live for good, die for good, be helpful, do for kids..' He woke up, remembered that kid, and decided to go back. Upon Reaching he understood that, his father was no more, he waited for him, he waited for Nicholas. Nicholas, cried in his mother's arms, and she gave a chit to him, what he saw in his dreams ' In life, live for good, die for good, be helpful, do for kids..' he was shocked to see a cross with it. He stood Still.
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