A gift !

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Winter was ahead (winter series)  and there is a trend of gifting each other. There lived a Romantic couple Jim and Marie they were childhood friends. both were school friends, he was very smart and intelligent whereas she was very emotional, he could manage calculations and she could manage emotions. It was decided then! Yes, they decided to Marry... It was there first Anniversary and Jim was complaining about," Merry, my watch straps are so ugly why, arent't we going to change it or buy new ?" Marie worked in costume shop, and Jim worked as an Accountant. Though both were mature but only in one thing they were kids," Snow fight!!" "Hey Jim, this winter is our first anniversary"

They both said in their (winter series) minds,' let us gift each other something...'  Marie decided to gift him, Golden straps but she had very tight schedule so, she could not find time for going out so she had only one option, and she went for hair cut and then came home . It was Anniversary eve. "Hey Honey, you looking very cute, new hairstyle!! but why scarf on your head?" "Dear..its a..Fashion now" "Oh Ok...You looking great! See what I have brought for you" "Wow..A hair pin!!! I always wanted it...."  she hugged him, he as usual tried to held her hair and...."Honey, what is this? you said you are going for a hair cut but you actually cut your hair why....you had so beautiful hair?" "Because i bought this" "Golden straps for my watch??" "where is your watch?" "I sold it for your hairpin" Marie had tears in her eyes....She hugged him tight and so did Jim. they held each other tightly and said in unison, "This is the true gift of...LOVE"