The matchstick girl and her wish !

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It was a mid day (christmas series)  of the christmas week, all children were excited for the, fun, everything. and there was a poor fellow, snigdha, the Indo- british origin, from poor family. she and her father lived in in a small community, he used to run a general store shop, they were a family of four, but her mother and grand-mother died in an accident, then Snigdha was a kid, but, because of being shy she found it difficult to express her feelings, "she could not forget her mother and grand-mother's death, so she developed post-traumatic stress, which means, her brain could not accept their death hence she behaves as if they are alive"  Doctor told sudhir, her father. "so, what is the remedy?" the Doctor smiled sadly," looking at her she may not last longer" suresh used to take care of her most, though snigdha used to feel suresh doesn't like her and is ignoring him, she used to feel her father is very cruel, and if she doesn't listen to her she may die or her father may too slap her. Doctor, how long will it take for Snigdha to recover?" " I cannot predict, but, she has very less time"  Read Also...My Santaclaus!!!

It was decided that, snigdha (christmas series)  will come to father's shop and help him, not as a child labourer but for a change in her mood, and as per doctor's advice her mind will be made busy. Snigdha agreed, and, so it was decided  that, snigdha will sit in the store with her father. Snigdha used to miss her mother and grandmother a lot. So, her father had told her that, if she helps her in his work, her grand-mother will come to meet her. Snigdha agreed on only that condition.  Suresh gave her target to sell match boxes, it was a very cold night, so, no one did agree to buy one. Snigdha felt that, now, her father will beat her. So, she did one thing, she put up a bon-fire and asked the customers to take up the warmth, they would automatically come to buy the match stick.  And this happened for another week, 'snigdha you are a genuis, a born businessmen..' her father appreciated, but, Snigdha was more of interested in getting the glimpse of her grand-mother again.  So, her eyes twinkled and she asked," So, now can I see my Grand-mother again?" A tear rolled over Suresh's cheeks, he had nothing to say other than," tomorrow" Suresh remembered Doctor's words as he went inside to hide his tears, "She may last for another day only"   Read Also...let yourself be free !
And the day came, that  (christmas series) day, no one would dare to come out of there home. Snigdha felt sad from inside, its been two years since, the death of her Mother and grand-mother. she felt very if her heart was crying from inside... and she lit the match stick, her eyes very all watery, she felt as though her grand-mother and mother had come to meet her, as the match stick vanished, so did the blurry image of her grand-mother and mother. She began going away from her shop, Suresh saw her going, he ran behind her, stopped her. but, Snigdha as being mesmerised, hypnotised, she was talking to herself, " Grand-ma, then where do you live, ohh...its also cold there too??? oh, Mother could not accompany you?? why?? oh she is waiting for me !! I am co..." the match stick vanished. Snigdha decided to lit all the matches so she ran towards the shop and bought a big bundle, suresh tried to bring her back to conscious but, her eyes, emotion, he understood...'oh god! I need to meet the doctor now'  Snigdha lit all the matches and sat in the middle of the road waiting for Grand-mother, as soon as the grand-mother came, she hugged her and said" take me with you" her body shivered, but now the light of matches turned into the light of soul, she floated alongwith her grand-mother.  and suresh came back just to saw, cold, frozen Snigdha, with a satisfying smile on her lips. reports said, she is burnt to death.