Golden opportunity awaits tourism industry !

But are we ready to provide proper service

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- Nandu Andhare
After the damaging impact of Covid on tourism  (tourism industry) activity,a golden opportunity has arrived at the door step of India and Maharashtra that will also benefit Vidarbha in a big way. G-20 will open flood gates to tourists spots all over the country. But question arises whether our Government agencies are geared up to meet the influx and provide truly professional service, by way of good infrastructure.  Read Also...Shrinking forest, a habitat problems for big cats !
Our approach roads, transport, hospitality (tourism industry) sector,particularly Government Tourism Corporations need a serious revamp and check. While tourism infracture in Madhya Pradesh and other states have developed and progressed tremendously, Maharashtra state lacks that spark and polish. Their hospitality sector is in urgent need of a professional revamp. From resort upgrade, room layout to professionally trained staff ,culinary delights and other ideas to keep the tourist engaged by way of nature walks, leisure relaxing activities like reading,interacting with locals, promoting local art. One should not forget that inbound international tourist is well read.We need to provide such visitors with material and activity that will leave him satiated yet craving to know more.
MTDC must get out of the Government (tourism industry)  influence and shadow , bring in professionalism, by exposing their resort managers, Regional Managers to workshops conducted by famous people from the hospitality sector, organise visits of such staff members to world class resorts within the country to broaden their outlook. Our wildlife and beach resorts need better approach roads, rooms that blend with the surrounding amidst idealistic setting. Its a pity that no Managing Director who heads MTDC takes any such initiative. They mark their time, awaiting a lucrative posting.MD's of MPSTDC have always contributed to the upgrading of their properties, its site selection and design. Their staff is very well trained and facilities top class.
Why can't MTDC do this
Even,when it comes to promoting domestic tourism (tourism industry),conditions at our resorts at religious places, wildlife sanctuaries are pathetic.We cannot afford to showcase Government Rest house approach,with its MLA Hostel style dining arrangement,that exists before Assembly session. It's a wake up call to State Tourism Department. There are much more interesting tourist spots than Ajanta and Ellora in other places of Maharashtra.