The World full of responsibilities

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It was Christmas  (christmas series) week, the last day of the week aka 25th December is celebrated as a Christmas day, on this day, it is believed that, Santa Claus, rides on his reindeers on his sleigh, and it is believed that Santa distributes gifts to all kids at the stroke of midnight.   Read also...My Santaclaus!!!

Stuart, the kiddo, the fatty  (christmas series) kid, everyone used to make fun of him, of his fat belly, he though being a 12 year old kid, had no friends, but, he believed on a quote," the world is full of responsibilities, take your share, and give others there." so, he was very responsible kid, he believed this quote so strongly that, he never gave on hope! Once the school arranged picnic, it was a cold day, they had organised the picnic on outskirts of Amsterdam, not near the winter sports area, a bit, away from it. total of 30 students, they all had gone to the picnic, no one did share their time with Stuart, but he was a strong believer that something would happen, and this would change. so, after breakfast, they all decided to have a tug of war, and as usual Stuart took the last place, and in excitement, without anyone's thought, the rope began to tear... only Stuart understood, but everyone did ignore him and "kakarosh..." the rope teared and both teams landed on ground, and...the other end of Stuart could not be viewed as, there was dust, and dust everywhere and then everyone missed a heartbeat to see that, the rope was hanging and nobody was there.  Read Also...let yourself be free !
Stuart remembered (christmas series) the quote, as he took a long breath as in getting ready for the responsibility, 'the world is full of responsibilities, take your share and give others there.'  The teachers, were in also thought process, as to what to do? what can be done? how to proceed now? and "Mam, let me see" Stuart, headed in front. "oh, Sure, but be careful it is may..." Stuart heard a slight laugh as he said, "Don't worry Sir, I will take care of myself" as he tied the rope to his waist and the other end to the tree and began to walk down with ease, the entire faculty saw him in awe... as Stuart understood why he loved mountaineering, 'this is why dad and I...' he reached in the middle of the mountain and held jimmy, the one, who had told everyone in the school that, Stuart is the dullest among the kids. "don't worry, I got you " ", you fatty, you will hurt me" jimmy sobbing in fear "why will I jimmy?" " ..because I hurt you..." jimmy trying to be in conscious though hanging in air.  "but, I am not hurt" "why..? why aren't you?" jimmy, still trying to cope up in crisis situation. "can we talk about, once we get back up?" jimmy nodded. and stuart held the 4 of them and pulled the rope, Sunita, the only friend of Stuart, Indo-American understood the sign. As she was a professional mountainarian, who was called to teach the kids how to climb up and down the mountain, "He is so professional" she said to herself and began pulling the rope above, and tied to the tree.  Read Also...The Magical Shoemakers !
 she nodded, the co-mountaineers (christmas series)  took grab of the rope and began pulling. All the 4 of them have held Stuart tightly, as they were able to see the teachers, they began crying, the teachers also sobbed, they all thanked Stuart for his alertness, and decision-making skill, every classmate had a respect in there eyes for stuart.  and then after a sunday, there was regular school, stuart said to himself as he prepared himself for the 'no connection' time. BUT... as he entered his classroom, their was darkness, not a single voice could be heard.... and then..."Surprise! happy birthday to our courageous, robinhood," Stuart could not believe his eyes, ears as he saw a drawing of his on the black board, it was very soothing. he felt very good, tears felt on his cheeks, the co-students appreaciated him, began loving his presence. He remembered the quote again, " the world is full of responsibilites..."  and hereafter he became the most loved person for not only co-students but also for the faculty.