let yourself be free !

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It was Christmas (christmas series)   eve, their lived a man named Mr. Scrooge, a lonely, dominanting, person. He lived in a colony wherein everyone enjoyed every moment of his life. but, when any neighbour would go to Mr. Scrooge he never used to connect with people, he used to feel this useless. Mr. Simson same age as of Scrooge once asked him,"Buddy, why do you not come with us, mind my english, I though not good but, I can feel the pain yours" Mr. Scrooge, with a slight smile," I got your point Sims, you know me since childhood, you know, that I have seen these, connections and how they shiver till death" and a tear came in his eyes, as he shivered.

They both decided to  (christmas series) smoke a cigarette, it was cold in Amsterdam, the christmas season was on the verge, any addiction would give a bit warmth. they both decided to smoke. Scrooge took a cigar whereas Simson took a sleek cigarette. Mr. Scrooge used to have one whenever he used to get stressed or remember the past....  Read Also...My Santaclaus!!!
- 20 years ago, Mr. Scrooge, his parents had come for winter sports..
His father, used to work as a shoe-maker, he used to work in a small (christmas series) company, Mr. Scrooge was 10 years of age then, they had come for winter sports, winter sports were arranged on the eve on christmas week. i.e.19th -25th December 2022.  His mother was a home-maker but, used to make good cakes... Ethan, his younger brother, was 7 year old, he was a bit weak in health, he was born pre-mature...doctors said to care for him in his 5-7 years of age. and here, he was 7 year old, MR. Scrooge decided to participate in skiing...his father was his trainer, Mr. Srimpson, had done a very good training of Mr. Scrooge, he was almost ready, there was a referee, the area was all covered with beautiful snow, as if nature have put scoops of it on the montains, using ice-cream scoop!!

the Referee  (christmas series) shot the gun in air, and it began... Mr. Scrooge, the fastest, began skiing, he made a very good balance between both his legs and hands, making it as if automatic, he loved making formations... the place was a bit in outskirts, the place was chosen, as there were no schools, houses nearby, so, no one to disturb... perfect location for winter sports! So, MR. Scrooge, the first and fast one, was almost 2 centimeter near the finish line, when...suddenly, landsliding began... all the snow, it started to slide down, and Mr. Scrooge began sliding down, he began searching for anything to hold on, his mind, remembered, 'whenever, you are in trouble, find for some options, to hang upon, and then go for help, be self-sufficient' he grab hold of a tree branch, as he turned, he could see, all the participants, referee, going down with the snow...he saw it numbly, as if his blood become cold, he slapped himself to know whether he is alive or not, "Hush! I am alive" and he suddenly remembered, 'where can be Mom, dad, Ethan? Are they safe?'  Read Also...The Magical Shoemakers !

His eyes, began searching  (christmas series) all they could see was, noise, cries, police, ambulances...rescue teams, they tried to take him away, he struggled not to come as he was not sure whether, his family was there or not. but, the rescue team tried to take him away forcefully, and he realised it was not the tree branch, but it was.....'ETHANN!' holding his hand tight, tears came into his eyes as he remembered, 'son, never leave your brother's hand' his father had given instruction to Ethan, his eyes were blinking mildly, there was a sudden gasp of breath. Mr. Scrooge, told the rescue operators to check for his health, Ethan was holding Mr. Scrooge's hand very tight, when the doctor tried to make them apart, Ethan let his hand loose, he gave a satisfied smile and ....left. A tear rolled down his cheeks as he remembered doctor's words,' 5-7 years of his life are critical' Mr. Scrooge, began to check for mom and dad...and finally he saw them, one vertical carrying the horizontal... as he rushed towards them, he saw his father's eyes moist, he gave a helpless look towards Mr. Scrooge, and he just said a sentence, which Mr. Scrooge could not forget, 'Scroo, life is so certain, let yourself be free..if accumulated, gets ruined, when empty, all is happy' Mr. Shrimpson, helped Mr. Scrooge grow, he did good education, he decided to not to marry, as he did not want to have any of the sad moments, 5 years back, his father died...he died in sleep, the only person, who used to be near Mr. Scrooge died...then, he became cold, sceptic, arrogant, silent. he started avoiding parties, gatherings, get-togethers his only friend was, MR. Simpson, as he was also the one who lost his family in the Avalanche, though he believed in life, happenings.  Read Also...The World full of responsibilities
'ouch!' the fire light  (christmas series) cigar, gave a scar on his leg as Mr. Scrooge came to senses, he realised that he finished entire packet of cigars and Mr. Simpson was staring in black. "what time it is Simps?" "hmmm, it is quarter to twelve" 'ohh, the bloody christmas is on the verge' he was about to say something when a familiar voice, stopped him. "hey ! Uncle Scrooge...I was finding you everywhere...Mom, told me that, you may be here so we came here.." Jeril, a neighbour, 6 year old kiddo, he and his mom lived there, his mother was a single mother, school professor, she secretly used to like Mr. Scrooge... though, Mr. Scrooge never showed interest beyond neighbourhood, but, he could not avoid Jeril..maybe because he was same as ethan's age, maybe he resembled his brother, maybe, he helped him revive good memory... 

Jeril's  (christmas series) mother, Sheril, her husband died in a car-crash...and after then they wanted a safe neighbourhood, so they shifted next to MR. Scrooge. Mr. Scrooge could never avoid going to Jeril's house, as he used to feel a connection. "Hey jerry! yes, you spotted correct. good evening Ms. Sheril. " Sheril blushed, "good evening, Mr. Scrooge" "Uncle Scrooge, please come, mom has made a special cake....she she she said to cut it tonight!! its just 5 minutes to it, please come" and he held Mr. Scrooge's hand tightly, he remembered the grasp, it was as though' Ethan!' he said to himself. jerril, began taking him towards his house, Mr. Scrooge, felt mesmerised, that day, he behaved as if, he was with Ethan, he ate cake, did fun and went to home for sleep, that night he had a good sleep.. next day, he woke up early, as Jeril took promise from Mr. Scrooge, "Uncle, you are taking me to the winter sports, and I will hold your hand tight" Mr. Scrooge swallowed a lump. he took a shower, and opened the door to saw excited Jeril outside, "I am excited.....and what all will be there?" "Jeril, let him do the breakfast first" the breakfast was arranged at Sheril's house and so, they went there, Mr. Scrooge felt nostalgic, he remembered, his winter sports...every moment, he felt as if he missed a heartbeat... and then he felt relaxed by the hand touch of 'Ethan'  "uncle come lets ski.." his heart told him to say no but he said,' yes...' and the sports began, jeril insisted again and again, so Mr. Scrooge could not say no,  he began skiing with Jeril, he could feel the tremble in his legs... "ouch! Mr. Scrooge I was about to fall" Mr. Scrooge, felt a heartbeat miss, "Jerry, calm down why are you so excited?" and....they fell..  Read Also...The matchstick girl and her wish !

"No No No No....Not  (christmas series) again Ethan!!!" A sudden shout came out and it vanished to see Jeril holding his hand the same way as ...Ethan did. he remembered his father's words, and he remembered the true meaning of it," Scroo, life is so certain, let yourself be free..if accumulated, gets ruined, when empty, all is happy"  'now I understood the true meaning of this sentence.... ' and he held jeril close, jeril liked it...he always wanted to be close to Mr. Scrooge, he held him tight and said," I love you, Mr. Scrooge" Mr. Scrooge cried, and cried...cried...maybe after 20 years later and freely... It was decided that, he and his family will come and enjoy the winter sports....yes, he decided to marry Sheril, she was on 7th heaven...and they lived happily ever after.