The Magical Shoemakers !

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Once there lived a couple, they used (christmas series)  to earn their living by making and selling shoes. but, as they grew old, they found it difficult to make and sell shoes. In the christmas week, they had to complete an order of 100 shoes, they could complete only 40 and were crying..." Honey! what to do now ? we were not able to complete the order, now we have to sell our home and everything" "Calm down dear, let pray to god, christmas is in the air! o Santa, please help us"

And then, they slept  (christmas series) they could eat food, nor drink water. the next morning they both woke up with heavy eyes... and they went to the stich table... and what they saw, they could not believe their eyes....the 60 pair of shoes... they cross-checked a lot of times...they were real and what fineness and finish, like a professional touch. They were about to enquire when suddenly customer came, they liked the shoes and their order of 100 shoes. they were in shock cum surprise.  Read Also...let yourself be free !
They thought  (christmas series) maybe they had completed and forgot to notice, then the next day too, order of 200 shoes came. the couple didn't eat or drink food, but due to starvation they had to take a break of having lunch, they could only complete 30 and then they could not due to weakness, they felt sorry for themselves.. and next morning they woke up late only to eat some bread, and the customer came, "We are astonished by your speed of making shoes!! 200 shoes in just the same way as 100 were made !" The couple now thought it suspicious they decided to first tell this to a doctor friend of theirs...he analysed, and he told them," this is not any sort disorder, it is real, no need to pinch ourselves." They decided to enquire, they took order of 300 shoes and didn't stitch a shoe. And then they did their dinner and decided to wait, Mr. Shoeman, could not be awake till midnight as he had sleep difficulties. so Mrs. Shoeman decided to be awake. after 11past two they could view the shoes getting stitched by their own... and this the observed from behind a room from whrein they could view as there was a window, from were we can view what is going inside that room.  
And two-three  (christmas series) days observation, it was seen that their are some small dwarfs, who resembled as small children, then one night she caught them, "what are doing here? why are you helping us? Do you want anything from us? but, we cannot give you anything as we are very poor.." tears came in eyes as Mrs. Shoeman cried. The oldest and eldest amongst them consoled her,"O dear Old lady, don't worry, we are not here to harm you or loot you, we are here to help you" Mrs. Shoeman asked in astonishment," but, what will you get profitted of?" the Dwarf oldie replied," Madam, we were the finest among the town, but we got looted as people used to hire us and didn't pay us, hence we wear these worn out clothes and weary shoes so that we didn't get recognised, we were going nearby when we heard you both talk about the delivery, we found you genuine, hence we thought to help you" Mrs. Shoeman heard a sniff, it was Mr. Shoeman. "Sherry..!" a familar voice grabbed his attention, "Shoe....shoemarry!" and both the oldies met like they were in childhood. "ohh! so, he is your bestie, Shoemarry" Mrs. Shoeman recognised him. "I just knew, it would be you, after looking at the finesness, but after your professional loss, I enquired about you, but you were vanished, and now you are here..huh?? after 25-30 Moron...stupid elf....what did you think of idiot, selfish person" Mr. Shoeman thundered in anger, in combination of love and care followed by the emptiness caused by a closed missing friend. Mrs. Shoeman tried to console him. but, he was consoled by a tight hug by Shoemarryl. 
And then on they decided to work together, after some years they had a big company, they hired people and dress code was also fixed, specially torn clothes. They had many branches which used to make profit during Christmas time only, the name of company was decided,"Magical Shoemakers"