Equal Importance !

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This Eternal and Infinite  (BOND OF LOVE) Shiva, being the master of Powers, blended within him and he could behold their intensity of Powers, that is Shakti. The Power is personified as Shakti. Here the bond solemnised had no if, but and so.....Bond of Knowledge and Power, Bond of Nature and Beauty, Bond of everything to everything...... here everything was Equal.  READ ALSO...Gender Equality...New Thought !

To endure and enlighten  (BOND OF LOVE) in universal power without getting distracted to imbalance the harmony, Shiva was the predominant destination. More precisely, Shiva is the GROUND for number of ungoverned Powers. But Shiva doesn't store any thing within. So his Content, Composure, Capacitance is transparent..... and so he is worryless. Thus he is Aghori.... but this is why Shakti is with him. She could stay in her own composure. When you are not used by, for anything, you are at the ultimate level of your worth. If we look into the mythological story of Sati's sacrifice in Yagya, we could point the independence of her for decision making and Shiva respecting that despite of possibility of hazardous result.
In lives, we live in so many  (BOND OF LOVE) suppositions, assumptions and current circumstances, that we foresee only that we wish. Because we evaluate everything by our individual interests which establish our power and position. Maybe sometime this nagging is out of care, but one is not set free by HE OR SHE.
Earlier, Man Woman relationship was companionship. Let's take Adam and Eve. They were not committed. They weren't in even dependant. They weren't restricted by one another in the name of love.  They were themselves. Even if they were only there, they weren't indulged in each other all the times. They weren't obsessed about body charm. They were companions. Enriching each other's life by just being aside. Like sojourn and be in own peripherals. Love is Freedom...... then companionship become heaven.

Sana Pandit

Sana Pandit - Emotional Health Expert, Behavior Trainer, Toxic Handler, Motivational Speaker