Grishneshwara Shiva

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11. Grishneshwar Jyotirlinga

" Ajoba, I am (eternal Shiva) feeling sad" " why beta, only two Jyotirlingas are this series will end."
Sreya hugged Sir Suresh Ajoba and sobbed.
" Sreya dear, I agree the Series (eternal Shiva) narration will end not the feeling, the experience, the spirituality..ti will be with us "
"So, that is why, is it said that, god dwells within us...but how?" "very interesting question, Sudha, which is the the purest form, wherein we are neither jealous, nor envy...neither sad nor guilty...neither angry, nor happy...?" "LOVE!" All in Unison... "ok, so does that mean that, god will be with us, in the form of love..." "Indeed Sreya" " Now I am feeling good" "And that is what Our next Jyotirlinga about...Lord Of Compassion... Grish means Vigilant and nesh means tender...That means, Grishneshwara is the one, God, who cares for his devotees with tender care and love..." "Unhmmm..and now my favorite part, Story!!!" wiping her tears Sreya said. "Yes, Grishneshwar means ‘Lord of Compassion’. This temple is located in Verul, which is less than a kilometer from Ellora. This temple is also called Ghrishneshwar Jyotirlinga and Dhushmeshwar Jyotirlinga."

"According to a legend (eternal Shiva)  in the Shiv Puranas, there lived a childless couple in the called Sudeha and Sudharm in Devagiri Mountain. Sudeha got his husband married to her sister, Ghushma. "Didi, what to your husband?" "So what Ghusma...he is a very good man, if you will be with me, I will be tension free" Ghushma said in confusion, but, will your husband agree?" "Why not...he never crosses me" "OK Di, but, i would like if you could just ask him once" Sudehi felt happy that her sister is so good in Sanskaras. "Sure Sister" "Sudharma was asked and he demanded for Ghushma's wish. Sudehi felt complete, 'my husband is soo sister is so family is completed Mahadev' then Sudharma and Ghushma got married, and they were blessed with a boy, Initially Sudehi did not fell bad, but, because of some of Village women she began to fell jelaous, she decided to teach this couple a leason, so she took the boy, and placed near the lake, where Ghushma used to pray to Mahadev. To her misfortune, the baby fell in that lake, like Mahadev was testing her, taking her exam. Sudehi felt very bad and the same time...she didn't mean to kill that boy though she was feeling jealous with Ghushma.
She burst into cries...Ghushma (eternal Shiva) came rushing and saw Sudehi crying, she asked Her, " what happened Di? Why are you crying?" Sudehi fell into Ghushma's feet. " I am sorry dear...I am the one who is guilty, how can I be so bad to keep that tiny boy near lake...I was so deep into my jealousy that I actually thought that you should also feel bad for not having kid...but because of that, I was blindfolded ...I am sorry Ghush.." she looked up and saw, a face which was lit with light, a face which had Moon on it's head...snake around the blue neck... she could not believe her eyes...she eyes were full of tears...she could not believe her she wiped them, she saw her father....who looked like her...her eyes got filled with tears again...she again saw, continued for sometime and then as she touched the feet and looked above, she saw Ghushma with the kid...
' Oh Mahadev, what is this ?' ' one minute...I cannot believe what I am saying...' " this is true, what you are experiencing dear" "Oh Mahadev I am sorry, I am the person responsible for killing Ghushma's son. Please take me instead of him" Mahadev was pleased to see her dedication. " Whom are you taking about?? " " The baby there..." And she saw, the baby there only...
She took the baby and saw, Shivlinga (eternal Shiva) in the lake..she bowed down and Told Sudharma and Ghushma too about it , they forced her to keep the name of their son, it was Atharva...the one who is has stable mind. And thus the shivlinga (eternal Shiva) got it's name, Grishneshwar..the lord of Compassion." "Wow!! This Mahadev is my favorite now...." Sreya rejoiced.."Indeed I agree, this Jyotirlinga is action, no thriller, just family drama?" Jayesh said spontaniously. "Jaya, you are saying like, you are listening to a film story.?" sudha corrected him. "This is similar to Film story, as Ajoba actually give us the feel of the film" 
"Thank you my dear family..atleast my (eternal Shiva) dream got come true in some sense..." "Really Baba? so, is this the reason you were intersted in narrating stories.." Sudhir felt Nostalgic." Yes, Sudhir, your father had narrated to me many about these stories...and many other too" Aaji broke the silence " ohhh really Ma??? So romantic..." Aji-Ajoba blushed.  "Hey, you all stop, let ajoba complete the details of this tour.." Sreya, focused on the experience of the Devotional tour.  "Aha..yes, The best season to visit the Grishneshwar is:
Winter Season: The months of October (eternal Shiva) to March cover the winters here. This temperature is recommended as the weather stays pleasant. Tourist can freely visit the sights. The temperature remains between 12-degree centigrade to 30-degree centigrade.
Road: Grishneshwar Temple is well-connected with all major cities via road. From Pune: 256 km/4.5 hours. From Nasik: 187 km/3 hours. From Shirdi: 122 km/2.5 hours
Train: There are no rail stations at Grisheshwar Temple. Aurangabad is the nearest railway station. Manmad is also closer and better connected.
Flight: The nearest airport is in Aurangabad, and there are regular flights from Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, and Udaipur."  
let us meet together tomorrow, for our last and 12th Jyotirlinga...KASHI VISHWANATH