Who is he?

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I don't dare to move my vehicle at the square even though Signal (Psychopaths) turns into Green. Because former side's, where green turned into red, Riders also try their vehicle to pierce into when the countdown starts for 3-2-1 & stop. They ignore the red signal as well ignore the green signalled Riders who are rushing on. Many times I have saved myself from falling due to the sudden entry of these Spider-Men riding on their bike. They can spin web anywhere, at any direction; attack anyone as prey and ride straight up on the roads as they are walls.

So, that day I judged if some Spider-Man (Psychopaths) is coming in my way.... no one was there to hijack my way, yet I moved on very slowly and suddenly I don't know how !! a man possibly dropped into from the heaven dashing against my Dio.  Oh, my God !!! I was about to fall but somehow controlled myself. A car driver from my side clutched his breaks so strenuously that his car moved across to block the road, school going cyclist fell with a shout, pedestrians stopped to see the pandemonium at the crowdy square. But this Spider-Man was indifferent of what is happening!! He was engaged in speaking on his mobile holding it between the bent neck and Shoulder. He was without helmet !! All of us took mild objection against this hero, but he himself had no guilt on his face. Rather he threw some bad words at all of us and accelerated away without taking the cognizance of his many-folded illegal actions: that is breaking the signal, driving without helmet and talking on the mobile while driving. He left us all with throbbing heart & disappeared...... Who is he?? Who is he?? I will call him psychopath.
I always get boiled with anger when I am trapped (Psychopaths) in such a situation and punished for no mistake of mine. I want to shout at those rubbish fellows, I want to throw a stone at them, I want to hold their collar and snap them forcefully. But I know I am unable to do this because no one waits for me to come and slap them. Once I tried to swear at those fellows who have spit kharra on the road and it's drops sprinkled over my face. My God how dirty I felt at the time!! I roared at him for his misconduct. Possibly he felt insulted and followed me to try to block my way. Somehow I escaped from his try.
Who are these fellows. They are Psychopaths. This term (Psychopaths) psychopath I found to be apt for such fellows after reading the booklet of Dr. Barbiak & Dr. Hare, 'Snakes in Suits'. We are surprised to listen to the fact because we feel that most of the Psychopaths are behind the bars. But it is researched fact that we meet Psychopaths everyday, at any time in our life. There is a group of people in the society who don't feel empathy, who don't have conscience. We are at least with a one of this kind of person. They are not bad enough to go to jail but they make our life miserable. There are some schemers in your office who always conceive plot against  you without leaving any fingerprints, who make you feel low, who get joy in your failure.
Psychopaths (Psychopaths) are mad after their aims, they do not allow empathy or the feelings for others in their way while achieving goal. Psychopathy is a neuropsychiatric disorder marked by deficient emotional responses, lack of empathy, and poor behavioral controls, commonly resulting in persistent antisocial deviance and criminal behavior.
We visualise a build of psychopath (Psychopaths) having wild face, indisciplined hair, and widenned & reddened Eyes, am I right? Sometimes before, I had the same assumption as you have. But after reading Dr Barbiak & Dr. Hare's "Snakes in Suits" I have restructured my assumption that the psychopaths are  those, who are more gentleman and more sophisticated than the other common people. I have an experience which is unforgettable about the psychopath who had been co-worker for 30 years at my workplace. My god! he was so villainous psychopath, I came to know the fact after 30 years. No one was escaped from his abusing & cursing. All his 30 years were darkened with his blemish activities. He was too much possessive of name, Fame and money. He had inherited crores of money as a Legacy. Yet he was insane for  money. He was always in exchange of deception to earn more and more money. He had been always using too much bad words & language, for the head of the institution, for his relatives who were working in the institution, that no civilized man can use.
He used to speak so soft so polished (Psychopaths) words before us, but his language would change abruptly at our back to  the  extent that, the novice will be surprised with this 360 degree change. He wanted to become head of the institute but as per the seniority, our management has decided to promote me as a headmistress. He was hurt and plotted against me. Though I was aware of his temperament, I got upset by his cheap hatching schemes.  15 days before his  death by severe heart attack, he cursed one of the peons to die. That time his sound was uproared, his body was shivering with anger. I made him realise, "Sir please don't curse someone, these words usually boomerang to the user. Now you are not too young to bear hypertension, you are the patient of BP." But as usual he carelessly commented, "I am fine, I am ok, I will not be fatally caused by any such boomerang." But after 15 days of that incident, he died of heart attack. If we normal people intend to do something bad, our conscience keeps the brake on it and we dare not to apply our thought into action. But in the case of Psychopaths - brake line is cut forever.
Reading all this, readers (Psychopaths) might think that, "Oh my God, I have done some bad for some people. So I will be punished for that" and further he asked a question, "Am I psychopath?" If you are asking such a question to yourself, then definitely you are not psychopath, because your conscience is still alive. These Psychopaths use mask of normalcy, live among the normal people. They are very egocentric, manipulative, but their intelligence, their status, their family background make them hide their Psychopathy.
After reading the book I have tallied traits of those all (Psychopaths) Psychopaths who confronted in my life and found their features as referred by the author. Dare said, usually Psychopaths apply three steps
1- : They assess utility, weaknesses, defenses of those around them.
2- : They manipulate others to bond with them and get what they want.
3-: They abandon their targets and move on.
So be aware of these Psychopaths (Psychopaths) who are snakes in your sleeves. If they enter in your personal life, they will pretend as the most sympathetic fellow. He will feign to listen to you and will pretend to be with you and will say, "Yes dear I am with you, I am with you in your all pluses and minuses." He will make you feel that, he is just like you because he will say, "Yes dear you are honest and I like honesty, and I am as honest as you are." He'll say each word about you which you want to listen from him.
You will meet such persons at your working (Psychopaths) place also. Don't try to change them, they will never be changed rather they will change you. So don't believe that all people have good in them. Before getting tie of closeness with the people, understand your weaknesses and strength. Don't disclose your weaknesses easily to the people before knowing them completely. You have to find where you are vulnerable, because Psychopaths are expert to figure them out. Because they address your weaknesses before they exploit them. At your workplace don't give chance to the higher authority to complain against you. Don't complain about someone to the authority until and unless you have proved yourself in your work, unless you have maintained good relationship with upper management and your fellow employees.
I have commited this mistake of complaining against the (Psychopaths) psychopath to the higher authorities when I got designation of the headmistress and he was appointed as second authority to me. Because I forgot that this man is very shrewd and maintained the relation in education office and tied up his relation with some political leaders, I complained against him. Our head of the institution knew very well of his cheap character, so I expected he to be punished. But no, as he had maintained the relation with the upper hand institutions which can easily do the work related to school & he could easily manage the work of the school to be done quickly. Our head of the institution used to praise him only because of the work to be done easily. So my complaint was not registered there. Rather I was scolded. The mistake I did of complaining, you don't do. Apply wait and watch policy, establish yourself on the post through your hard work and make authorities ready to listen your complaint against psychopaths.

Dr. Seema Deshpande

Dr. Seema Deshpande
Ph. D. English Literature
National playerin Kho-Kho & Athletics
Headmistress in Vidarbha Buniyadi High school & Jr. College