Kojagarti...Who is Awake???

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"Sunaina Beta come on, let's go, today is (Awake) Kojagiri Pournima, it's your favorite delicacy na?? come on be quick.." Sunaina used to get bored with the puja...she used to feel, 'why do they waste so much time in it??? and most of the times they don't know what are they doing.' Sunaina a 8th standard- 14 yr old kid, she was more interested in understanding the reason, people said it came from her genes, her grand-mother was like her only when she was a kid. Sunaina's curiosity never used get fulfilled, everyone used to tell her that, ' It's a tradition, ritual, you are a family, you must follow '

Sunaina used to argue, 'But let me know the reason (Awake) first' and it used to get continued.. But today She was happy that, Her Grand-mother who used to live in another city with her aunt is going to come for the puja, Madhuri dadi, she was everyone's favorite..she could study a lot, though being from a financially low background, she used to understand it all by herself..to know the meaning...hence, she was very knowledgeable, she used to say," everything is known, everyone knows it...the challenge is how to find it"
Sunaina was her favorite as, she was like her.. the puja was (Awake) organized on the terrace and so it was Sunaina who has to take Madhuri dadi till there. as, Dadi had arthiritis, so her knee used to pain, she used to find it difficult, walking fast, and walking alone. But,Sunaina used to grab this opprtunity, all her questions used to get answered by Madhuri dadi... Dadi, is next to god! she used to feel. And So, they began there physical and Spiritual journey towards terrace, there were 2 floors in between with small steps, but many..sunaina used to count them..it is not important, how many are left but, how many have crossed, she believed in optimism, this was like a time-still moment as in some 10-15 minutes would be like some hours, months, years..they both used to talk and no-one used to disturb there space. " Suniana, beti, what topic do you wish to understand?" Dadi asked as if reading Sunaina's Mind.. Sunaina's belief about dadi got re-boosted..
"Yes, dadi, I have a topic today... it is about today's (Awake) night..koja, no, kogari..how it is spelt?" Dadi caressed her, " haha, It is Kojagiri Pournima, Full moon night" " Yes, yes, that only.. what is it's significance? I tried to get to know but, mother and other ladies didn't find it interesting." Dadi liked her curiosity to know...she felt alike..
" Kojagiri Pournima, it is a night to be (Awake) awake..Acording to Hindu Mythology, there are two full moon nights, though Mahashivratri is a night before full moon, it is of equal importance as Kojagiri pournima is " " Wow, It is so interesting ...and what is the common point other than full moon night? " " I love your curiosity beti, the Common point is those who are vertebrates, that is, those who have straight, vertical spinal cord, i.e humans..they can get to connect with the Parameshwara" Sunaina's eyes twinkled, " with whom, you said dadi? parameshwar? who is parameshwar? are they those who are statues in our puja mandir?"
Dadi felt proud of being her grand-mother. " Yes, beti" " So, does it mean (Awake) we will become statues too? or will they become humans? and what is the significance of being awake?" " calm down, calm down There are 100 steps more to cross after which we will reach our destination" Sunaina felt relaxed, ' 100 more to go!! wow, what if, time gets still till we are talking?' "Suna, beti, are you listening to me?" "Huh..yes yes, sorry Dadi, I just got into day-dreaming" "Its ok, beti, so to your curiosity thirst, here comes the water.. no, we do not become statues. and yes, those are in our puja mandir..param-eshwara...just like atoms and molecules... you studied in your school right? "
"Aha..yes" "yes, so, those atoms and molecules  (Awake) are within us all, we are made up of these atoms and molecules...and when we get to the point wherein our knowledge get's benefitted to others the most,  we become helpful to them most, then we get connected with the energies " "Okay, 55 steps more to go, energies...is it related to chanting?" "master-stroke!!! yes, we chant Mantras, chanting it is a way to connect with the energies...when we feel the air, passing by, when we feel, the heat when sun, soars, we feel the energy..similarly when we chant, acknowledge the vibrations..what do you people say now a days?? yes, vibes .These vibes you feel, and when you feel a connection then you are energised, and he atoms and god- particle gets connected.."
"Okay..interesting" "Indeed my dear, and so these two (Awake) nights, if you are awake, sit straight, the energy connection gets established and you feel special" "wow, dadi you explain so practically....thank you, so then can't we just sit like that? why so we celebrate?" "Another, master-stroke!! just imagine, if you are said to sit, like that, how much time can you sit?" " hmmm let me think...till i feel sleepy!" " correct, so won't it be easy if group of people, talk and eat and stay awake?" "Oh yes, so is it the reason why we remain awake? " "yes , beti" "ok ok i got it....and one more question please" "sure, be fast, it is the last step to terrace" " yes, dadi, so, why is it called, goddess lakshmi showers blessings and visits us...she takes any form and she asks ..who is awake??? "
Dadi didn't respond... "Dadi, tell me na please?" "Sunaina, beta, why did you left dadi in mid-step?" 'what...then whom did i accompany..'